Monrovia is the capital city of Liberia, a country mainly populated by descendants of resettled slaves mainly from the United States of America. It is located along the West African coastline between the countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Ivory Coast.

Our visit was made possible by a Liberian brother who was a participant at the September, 2011 Lakka-Freetown Conference in Sierra Leone.

He is the pastor of a church in Monrovia and he hosted the meetings together with other pastors in the city. Thus, we had meetings on arrival on Tuesday night in a church that was located in the suburbs of the city.

On Wednesday 14th March, 2012 we had a Radio broadcast in a community Radio Station in the city and thereafter, we had meetings successively in three different churches. This day was a public holiday called Decoration day in honour of all the dead people in Liberia, in which they annually decorated the graves and tombs of the dead. It consisted of feastings, communal and family meetings and revelries in honour of the dead and death. We discerned that the Lord had planned our visit to be at this time that we might address and rebuke this stronghold of darkness in the land and even in the church as we noticed that several church members and pastors were actively involved in this abomination and idolatry. We also noticed that majority of our audience were women, probably due to the effect of the 14-year civil war.

The ministry on Thursday 15th March, 2012 was also in three churches and included a workshop for the leaders of one of the big churches in Monrovia. It was characterized by a very warm and hearty reception of the word of the kingdom by hungry hearts, even among the leadership of the churches.

The final day of ministry before our departure on Saturday 17th March, 2012; was concentrated in Bro. Alphonso’s church was not only showed a deeper level of hunger, understanding and maturity in the things of God, but also have a huge potential of prospering in this word of the kingdom.

In all, this mission was groundbreaking, foundational and quite explosive and firmly opens the door for future missions to this war ravaged people.

NEEDS: One of the glaring needs here amongst the brethren was that majority do not own a Bible which costs about $3.00 as most can read and write English.

Our prayer is that the fruits of this mission will not only remain, but will blossom unto the full knowledge and manifestation of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. Amen.