Greetings Brethren,

About one year ago there was an invitation extended for visiting ministry to come from a group of brethren meeting together in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. These are brethren that have come out of the church system and are looking for this Gospel of the Kingdom. The initial contact was made by Sister Biri, of which some brethren have close ties to her.

After much intercession it was made possible for Bro. Chijioke, his wife Iffy and daughter Amaka along with Mark Giegerich and Jim Cassell to come for a weekend of meetings. These brethren had been praying, “God send us the Word of the Lord.” Glory to God!

Bro. Jokes laid a firm foundation of declaring Temple/Tabernacle definitions and responsibilities that we have as Priests in our Tabernacle before God. God is at this time dealing with the soul of man that He has desired to be His final dwelling/resting place. The challenge was given, “Say to God every morning, I AM the Temple of GOD.” Amen! Bro. Mark exhorted us we must at this time come up higher! Bro. Jokes went on to say the Brazen Altar in the outer court is a place of judgement. God is judging our desires, our appetites, our sexuality. We must overcome unforgiveness, distractions of the mind, i.e. entertainment, sports & fashion, desires, passions. Hope is given, the BLOOD of the spotless LAMB has made atonement. [Rev. 12:11]

The meetings concluded with teaching on the 5 offerings in Leviticus 1-8 and overcoming the Ites in the land. God sent His Spirit as a covering for the soul that our soul may be transformed from a Living Soul to become a Quickening [Life Giving] Spirit, in His Likeness!! The Spirit of God moved in a mighty way, there was much response to the Word with repentance, healing of relationships one to another, and a solidifying of a desire to see God’s purpose fulfilled in His people there in Calgary.

Please remember to pray for this people to come to God’s Divine order and purpose for their lives and that God will bring the increase. Please pray also for the continued divine direction for the ministry God has set in the Body and dispersed to the nations for such a time as this. Now is the time to take the kingdom, rise up ye strong, possess your land.

God bless you, Jokes, Iffy, Mark & Jim