(November 20, 2011, Dubuque, IA, USA)

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Good morning. Praise the Lord.

Father we thank You for bringing us from the byways and the highways, for bringing us to Your table. We thank You for the feast that You are making for us. Upon this mountain You said You would give us a feast of refined wine of the very choice of heaven bringing in the oil and the wine, breaking the bread, even Your body. You say when we eat and we drink that You will raise us up on the last day.

Lord we receive by faith that energy to break off all the coverings of religion, of deception. We come to partake O Lord of this feast and we believe that the entrance of Your Word will bring light to the darkness within our soul (Psalms 119:130). Let it judge the darkness. Let the sword of the King be strong upon the heart of the King’s enemies. Let all that hate our God be like that young man Absalom.

Judge the rebellion within our hearts. Judge the rebellion in the home, in the church, in the altar, in the holy place. Let the government of man be like the government of Saul and let the kingdom of our God let the banner of righteousness be raised within our soul. Hallelujah. Lord we thank You for the authority of the King, for the shout of the King will be in our midst. Hallelujah.

I will ask Lord that You will bind every unclean spirit, every spirit sent to come against and to interfere. Today, right now we command judgment upon them, that they be bound and cast into the abyss – in the name of Jesus. Let the spirits of religion be judged. Hallelujah. Let the veil be taken away. Hallelujah. Let this glorious light of this glorious gospel of Christ that will shine to explode within us. Hallelujah. In the name of Jesus. Let the gates of brass be broken. Let the bars of iron be broken asunder. Hallelujah. We receive our deliverance and our freedom that we might bring forth at true offering unto You. Hallelujah. In the name of Jesus.

Hallelujah. Jesus. Amen.

I just feel that we should continue from where we stopped last time yesterday. We were talking about the peace offering. By the way, we have very few copies of these two books. Priesthood, it has much written about the traditions in the church. This other one, Midnight, it is very good. It is very basic about some of the things that we have been talking about and dealing with where the church is now and the things coming. So we will leave a few copies here.

Looking at Revelation 17, there is a difference between religion and a true offering, bringing in a true offering to God. All over this city this morning people are in different religious gatherings and it is possible that we can also have a religious gathering in this room. Hallelujah. So it doesn’t depend on: who you are; or whatever platform you are walking on; God looks on the heart.

Man is often interested in organizations, social gatherings, but God is looking for an offering. The highest offering you can bring, that I can bring to God is the peace offering. We are looking at the soul and we have been talking about the soul, because that is the altar of God. Whatever altar you have seen or read about in Israel were just a type of the real altar. The real altar is your heart. Everything that you have read about Abraham raising an altar, or Moses raising an altar, it is pointing to you: to the altar of your emotions; to your feelings; to your passions; your mind. That is what God has been speaking about.

So God is saying, “The church needs to move forward.”

We are redefining our boundaries. We are redefining our operations. We are reordering our business. Everything is off for we are going back to the drawing board, because the church is about to take off. The church is about to start. Hallelujah. Isn’t that interesting? After so many years the church is just about to start.

You know there is a song:

He has just begun to move again
In our generation
And though He’s done so much
He still will do much more

He is about to even begin to work. Hallelujah. Amen. So we will talk about offering, the peace offering. The picture given in Revelation 17 and Revelation 13 is classic. It gives you the perfect picture. God speaks in pictures. He speaks in symbols. That is the only way to make the meaning rich, because we look at the picture today. You come back six months after, you come back to the same picture, you will see more. So the more you look – the more you see. Hallelujah.

So we are looking at these pictures in Revelation 17. I don’t like reading scripture because it distracts me, so I am just giving you the scripture so we can come back for more grounds. Amen. So Revelation 17, we recommend that you read it with the background of Revelation 13 which goes right back to Genesis 2 and 3. You know Revelation is the handbook of Genesis. You can’t understand Revelation without understanding Genesis. You can’t understand Revelation without understanding Leviticus. So you see, you have a lot of work to do. Amen.

Leviticus is the handbook of the priests. So if you want to be a priest in the kingdom of God then you have to go back to Leviticus and begin to study how we should bring the real offering. Hallelujah.

So in Revelation 17 we are just going straight to a point. 3So he  carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness:…. By the way the wilderness is speaking of your soul, my soul, that is the wilderness. There are two features: you have the wilderness; you have the garden. So the garden of Eden, forget it being somewhere in the Middle East and whatever. It might have been, but that is really beside the point. The real point is that the soul of Adam was the garden of Eden in the fullest application of it. So we always go to the fullness. The Bible says …their (your) soul shall be as a watered garden… (Jeremiah 31:12). A garden is the place of fellowship, it is the place of communion, it is the place of comfort, it is the place of rest. You can go on and on. Do you know what? God will come to the garden to commune with Adam. That is who you are. So at the end of the day you must remember because that is what God is going to judge you on. That is the platform, that He wants your soul and that He has made that potential in you. Whether you believe it or not, that is the potential that you have and that I have, that I am a garden. In this garden grows fruits, trees of righteousness. We can go on and on and on.

This garden also has an opposite and that is the wilderness. The thing that makes the difference in the garden is the water. It is water. Dubuque, I can look around. I can see it is a prosperous city and I know why, because of the Mississippi River. Mississippi, natural – no response. Without the Mississippi River, Dubuque would not be anything. All right. If you look through Geography, there are only probably two or three cities globally that are prosperous that are not situated or located by rivers. The biggest, the most populous one is Johannesburg, South Africa. If you have been there, I have been there, the water supply for Johannesburg is tunneled for miles from the Owens River. There is a tunnel through the earth. That is where they get their water supply. So it is a spiritual principal for you to have a place where there is life, there must be a source of water.

In Eden there was a source of supply. The Bible says that there was a river that flowed in Eden. It went four ways. I’m sure you know the direction of those four rivers. They are going to the four dimensions of the soul. We must understand that. That river is the flow of the Spirit of God. If you go to Revelation 21 and 22 you will see it talks about the River of Life coming from the throne of God. The throne of God is not something flying in the sky, it is you – your heart and there is a river coming from that throne. If you look at the Greek it says it was a “pure column of fire”. That is the Greek translation, “a flow of liquid fire” and that is the Life of God. So the flow of the Spirit is the Life of God coming through the dimensions of your soul.

Without the flow of the Spirit your soul will be like wilderness. That is what the Devil has achieved by making us all operate without the flow, without the anointing influence, nourishment of the Spirit of God. So there are two situations. We have the river coming and we also have the place where the river has dried up. If the river dries up that garden will still be fresh. Isn’t it? For some time it will be fresh. But if you want to know the results you will have to go very far or wait. For how many centuries now, six thousand centuries the river has dried up and the soul of man is increasingly becoming a place of dryness. Look at your society. You only need to look at your society to know that there is no life. There is fighting, there is every one wanting to sue this and this one is suing this. There is lifelessness, destruction, disease, violence, cheating, that is the wilderness and that is what the soul is.

So God is not interested in platforms, that is so-called churches. The Roman Catholic Church, the Presbyterian Church, Fellowship in Christ. What is the name of this fellowship? The Dubuque Fellowship. God is looking at the garden. He is interested in your soul. Is it a watered garden? That is the platform. If you don’t meet up to that mark you are out. It doesn’t matter who you are: if you are an elder; if you are whatever you call yourself; that is the platform and God will not lower it for any man. The platform is set. You can call yourself an Elder, an Apostle, a Doctor, a Lawyer, the President, the Arch-Bishop, the Pope, Most Holy, Most High, Holy Father, all that is rubbish.

The question is: Is your soul a watered garden?         

If you get that point then we can close and go home. That is the benchmark. Your soul cannot be a watered garden except by the Holy Ghost. That is why you must come to tabernacle, because it is the place where it says, “On that great day of the feast”. John Chapter 7 Jesus speaks of the tabernacles. John 7:37-39. Jesus said, “On that great day of the feast…” When it was time, what did He do? Jesus stood in the temple and He cried with a mighty voice, 37If any man thirst, let him come unto me, (to the waters,) and drink. He said, 38…Out of his belly… of him that believeth. The belly is your soul. 38…Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. The Bible says: 39…This spake he of the Spirit, which they that believe on him should receive:…

The platform is very clear, so you and I, we are not going to have any excuse at all. Jesus kept the feast and how dare any one of us say that we will not keep the feast. That means you are a rebel and there is something that God does to rebels. God has something, a punishment for rebels, make no mistake about it. Don’t even partake of rebellion in the church. Rebellions, rebels. The Bible says: their life shall be like the life of that young man – Absalom.

Do you know Absalom? He was a charismatic young man, very charismatic. He had all the right connections. He was the son of the king. His hair, it was a fashion show. Did you ever see the fashion show? Once every year they had the fashion show for his hair. They cut the hair and they arrange it and arrange it very well, different. The men would walk past and they would come to see the hair of Absalom (2 Samuel 14:25-26;). You think you have something, you have not looked to Absalom. You think you have a way for you, go and meet Absalom. This guy would stay at the gate. When the new men comes he would say, “Oh that the king had a man to go after him,” (2 Samuel 15:2-6;). The Bible says that he began to insurrect the kingdom. Not an insurrection, he began to burrow in to undermine the authority of his father. Hallelujah. The coo was successful. Rebellion will always be successful in every venue. Unless you don’t know your Bible, it will always be successful. Hallelujah.

So it was that he was successful and he established his kingdom. The Devil used him to judge his father, because David had a little problem. The problem is not a little problem. What God is looking for is not a little problem. God is looking at the heart and David had a heart after The King. So he had a little problem and God would take care of that. So if you are going through rebellion because of a little problem – you are missing the mark.

So he succeeded and he fell out on the way. The rebellion was working, it was an alternative way into town. By the way, that is the definition of witchcraft. Witchcraft is alternative government. Alternative government, that is what witchcraft is, alternative. Something alternative, something different from being the divine order that God has and it always works, it is always a better way.

When David was bringing back the ark, it was very, very common then to put it on a cart. Why waste time with donkeys and… put it on the cart and it is more modern, more fashionable. But that was rebellion against God’s order. You know, rebellion may be very confident. I mean, why can’t you just have one man and let everyone else sit down and he gives you a orders? It is rebellion. It is very confident. Hallelujah.

When the time came to judge Absalom it was total. David was sympathetic and you better be careful with sympathy. You better be careful with sympathy. David was sympathetic. He went out of his way to make sure that the life of the young man was fed. When they asked, “What has happened to the young man?” They said, “What has happened to the young man is what happens to all who hate the king,” (2 Samuel 18:32). He was killed and slaughtered.

There is a rebellion in the church and I am telling you that God is judging and will judge and will make a full end of it. Hallelujah. You may see the people who are in rebellion walking around, making a lot of noise. That is the way God functions. That is the way God functions. He sets you up and you have a good time. You are having a good time, but you know, every day it is like you put fire and you have a long rope. Every day the fire is burning and getting closer to you and you are running around – until you come to the point of no escape. That is what is going to happen in the church. The judgment of God is going to be total and fire and I don’t want to be on that side of God. Hallelujah.

So God’s order is that true offering must come from the soul. For God to do that He has to restore the soul. He has to restore your soul. That is why we must go beyond the Pentecostal experience. If you are not even come to Pentecost, it is makes it bad for you. It is good, it is also bad. It is good in the sense that you have not been corrupted by Pentecost, so you can come on. But if you have been there then you have to work harder: because you must come out of Babylon;  you must come out of the systems of men; then come to the Pentecostal experience; then move on to tabernacles. That is the standard that God expects for you and for me, because the measuring rod is for you. It says, …measure the temple of God, and (measure) the altar, and them that worship therein (in the altar) (Revelation 11:1). The altar again is the soul, it is your heart and that is the measurement. It says, …the court which is without the temple leave out… (don’t even bother measuring it) (Revelation 11:2).

So God is not interested in the platform. The platform, when I say platform that is ministry, religious ministry. This is a platform, meeting in this room, Dubuque Fellowship is a platform. God gives it to you. If you abuse it God sets it aside and gets another platform. I don’t know if you understand.

God’s business is the heart.

It is not with wasted resources, if you understand. God is investing in your heart. He wants the offering from your heart and He is not going to bless any other business that you are going to get involved in if it is not going to serve His purpose to restore the soul. So if you are wise then you make sure that your business is aligned to God’s business.

There is a smart young woman, do you know her name? Her name is Ruth. There is another one, her name is Rahab. They were smart women. Hallelujah. It says: A…Moabite shall not enter the congregation of the LORD… (Deuteronomy 23:3). That is no problem. They said, “I am not a Moabite, I am an Israelite,” and they entered and became the great, great grandmother of Jesus Christ. That is wisdom; smartness.

So if you understand God’s principle then you will order your business to fit into God’s business. Hallelujah. God’s business is to restore the soul

God’s business is to restore the soul

So I will restore myself and squeeze in myself into that platform. My soul will be restored and I will be in the business of those who are restoring the souls of others. Now if you take care of that kind of business, God will take care of your business, because God is not going to owe you. God will not owe any man. Hallelujah. It says: Give, and it shall be given unto you… (double measure, full-time, running over) (Luke 6:38). Amen.

So we are talking about in the wilderness, it says “there was a beast carrying the woman”, (Revelation 17:3). That is very interesting. So we are looking at Revelation 17 and we are talking about the peace offering, we are talking about the offering from the soul. 3So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names (or natures) of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. Let’s just hold on there. So he is describing a beast.

Now if you move over to Revelation 13, just put your hand there and we will just move over. Revelation 13:1: And I stood upon the sand of the sea… Now the sea refers to humanity. Okay. We didn’t just come about that because if you go to Revelation 17:15, And he saith unto me, The (sea) waters which thou sawest…are the people…nations… That scripture defines what it means by the sea. Okay, so it speaks of humanity. All right. So here it says that there is a beast coming forth out of humanity.

Christmas is observed all over the world. Okay. So this is something that is coming out of humanity. Do you understand? It is a spirit that is working in man, in man’s business. In man’s business, civilization is a manifestation of a spirit. Daniel 7:23 tells us that. Okay. It says that there shall be four kingdoms upon the earth. There is no scripture that talks about a fifth kingdom. Do you understand? The Bible tells us in Daniel 7 that there are four kingdoms that will rule the earth. There is not a scripture telling us that there is a fifth, or sixth, or seventh kingdom in times of prophetic calendar. Do you understand that? Good.

Now the fourth kingdom it says shall be the last kingdom upon the earth and that is your tradition. This morning Brother Burt was coming after your tradition, the American tradition. It is Greco/Roman tradition. Okay. There many Germans here, or people who have German descent? People who have American or British descent? Irish descent? Scottish descent? Some Italians and then on the other side there are some here who are Hispanics? Then who are negroid? These are things coming. These are generations flowing down time. But they all come from Adam. Isn’t it? Okay.

So the scripture says that there shall be the last kingdom upon the earth is the Roman kingdom. Of course you must have noticed something about the Roman culture. Roman art and culture took in everything that came from Greece. Isn’t it so? So the Roman culture took on the Greek culture and art and added its own. They refined that which came from Persia and they refined that which came from Babylon. So those are the four major cultures that we find mixing in the world. Isn’t it? The Persian and the Babylonian culture represents the Middle Eastern, or the Oriental traditions. Isn’t it so? Those ones were overcome by Greece. They have refined everything that they had and added their own. Then Rome took it on, mixed it all up and added its own. So the last thing that you have is what is called, the so called Western Civilization. It is Daniel 7, Daniel 8 and then flowing down up to Daniel Chapter 12. Is that clear? Are we in agreement? Good.

So that is the section that God is talking of, you know. The Bible says “the sons of Japheth will possess the gates of their brothers, that he will rule, that his brothers will serve him”, (Genesis 9:27). The sons of Japheth live in the book. So there in Mahomet a lot of them came from England from Plymouth, on the Mayflower. They came across the channel to the new world. Hallelujah. Isn’t it sweet? It is sweet.

So they came across and when they got here there actually were some chaps here. You know I have been looking at the names: Mississippi; Idaho; Iowa; Wyoming; Minnesota; Ohio; those are Indian names. Isn’t it? Those are Indian names. So when they crossed and they came here there were people who were running around. You know, the Yellow River; the Grand Canyon; the Yellow Mountain; they were here. Amen. Hallelujah.

So you had the Roman influence coming in and then the Indian influence was already on ground, isn’t it. The Indians were not Christians. They didn’t know God. They were sun worshippers and they knew about blood sacrifice. They don’t joke with it. The ones that came on the Mayflower are Satanists from England, their religion is witchcraft and sorcery. Their religion is witchcraft and sorcery. They used the sorcery and drove off the Romans from England and they knew about human sacrifice.

If you go into the house of an Englishman you will see the head of a horse, or a deer hanging on the wall. What do you think that is? In the past it used to be a human head. I am not telling you stories, you can go to the internet to check it out on your computer and you will see. They were headhunters. They cut off the head and they preserve it and they display it (1 Samuel 31:10). From there you have the ewe, the fawn and all the different names that the people worshipped their sun god. Okay? Baal worship was big time.

Of course I want to tell you about Rome. Rome, in Rome sacrifice was the order of the day. Anyone who knows Roman art, Roman history, they had a god for everything. There was a god for sport, Nike is the god of victory. Nike is a big American company, Nike, yes, it is a god of victory:

( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nike_(mythology) ).

There is a god of war, Mars I think. They had a god for the world, Neptune. They had them all: God of the sea, god of the moon, god of love. Romeo and Juliet celebrated with a worship to Aphrodite and so on and so on and so on.

You only need to just look at your normal life and you will find out that you are still in Rome. What do you do on a Saturday? You go to a theater. What do you do on Saturday when you want to relax? You go to the theater. You don’t have to actually go to the theater, you can go to the theater on your laptop on your computer. You go to the theater on your computer. It is very convenient. You can even go to the theater every day.

In Rome you go to the games. What did they do in the games? Human sacrifice. They had the lions and they had the slaves brought from different countries. The brought them: from Germany, from Britannia, from England, of course from across different ancient barbaric tribes. According to them, only Rome was civilized, every other person was a barbarian and they said Rome ruled the world and blood. Most of that blood was Christian blood. They would put fire on Christians and light them up and Christians would be the torch for the games.

You need to read Foxes Book of Martyrs. Just get Foxes Book of Martyrs, read it.      http://www.ccel.org/f/foxe/martyrs/home.html

You will think that you with your going to Acapulco and lying in front of the sun and someone who had to face a lion, they threw them to the lions. When the lions were coming they were singing. Yes, the Christians, they were singing and offering their souls to God. You think of you and them, when they put you on the same pedestal, when God starts judging you.

God says, “Oh good and faithful…. How was Acapulco? How was the sun? How did the cucumber taste? How sweet was the fish?”

That is what God is going to ask you.

So there is a lot of religion in the church and we are enjoying the benefits that were obtained by blood. Those Christians, they lived in the catacombs. They lived in the ground with no air, no privileges. They lived under the ground. They hid, they hid from Rome and they fought Nero to the ground. Nero burnt Rome and said it was the Christians and of course that brought him down, didn’t it. When they saw that they couldn’t win the Christian faith they said that everyone was now a Christian. Of course that is how the Roman Church came. It is a big thing here in Dubuque, isn’t it so. Of course Pontifex Maximus and all of those blah, blah, blah and so on.

So you are looking at an organized spiritual wickedness. Spirits that have come down the line. They know man. They know what man likes and they are so convinced that they’ll win. The rebellion was very strong. When we talk about Absalom the rebellion very strong. All the kings, all the nobles, all the princes went with Absalom. Right now all the nobles of the earth are going with the Devil. Gay Parade is no longer hidden, it is now called the Pride Parade. Isn’t it so? The Gay Pride, so they are all coming out from their holes. They are crawling out and the government of the day is their government and we love to have it so. If we are supporting them, we are sympathetic to their cause.

We like their games: the theaters; the movies; Hollywood; the entertainments; the computer games. We like: their trousers; their pants; their fashion; their hair. We like: the cotton; the fashion; the painting the eyes; the eye shadow; all those things. Hallelujah. We cannot beat them at their game. We cannot beat them at their game. A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump (Galatians 5:9).

Everything the Devil has been doing is worship. I hope you know. That is what I want to talk about this morning, worship. Worship, everything I have been telling you is worship. Man was made to bring worship. I want you to understand that.

In fact there is a man called Bob Dylan. How many people know Bob Dylan, a British pop singer? He sang a song. Do you know the song?

He said, “You have got to serve somebody. You may be a pauper, you may be a Barber, you may be a President, You may be a Lawyer, but you have got to serve somebody.”

Every man has a god. Every man has something he serves that he gives life to. Man was created to give life. I want you to understand that. There is life in you to give. You know we were singing that song, Flow through me, I wish we knew what we were singing. You know Proverbs 20:27 says, The Spirit of man is the candle (Light) of the LORD… In creation God put in you, that which has the potential to be lighted, or to be switched off. That is what He is saying. …Man is the candle of the LORD, searching (giving light to) all the inward parts of the belly. That word, inward parts, speaks of different rooms. In fact it says: different furnished rooms, that is what the Hebrew is saying. The scripture says, Jesus says, When the unclean spirit is gone (cast) out of a man, he walketh through dry places… (Luke 11:24). Meaning that where he was coming from was not dry.

The Devil does not have access to Life. The Devil does not have access to the Life of God. The only way he can get access to Life is through your soul and through my soul. Why do you think the Devil is wasting time with you? If you were of no value he wouldn’t even spend one minute with you. Cancer, diseases, all the wars, violence, pain, quarrelling, strife, contentions, these are platforms through which the Devil sucks life from the earth. When you are complaining – the Devil is getting life. When you murmur – the Devil gets life. When you are angry – the Devil gets life. When you manifest lust, fornication, pornographic, all the things that go with it; when you are bitter; these are offerings of life to the Devil.

We are made to think that when you do these things it doesn’t matter, it is just being yourself. That is what are called deception theology. deception theology, they are the things that we have received to make us feel comfortable in our lifestyles. But the truth is that it is either you are bringing an offering to God or you are bringing offering to the Devil. There is no middle ground. There is no middle ground. That is why we are looking at Revelation 17, because it says that there is a beast that was carrying the woman. There are two principles – one is the principle of the beast. This is what we are talking about. We are not even discussing the woman, because that woman speaks of a spirit of religion. It is the spirit of whoredoms. That woman represents a spirit of whoredoms. Okay, we will come to that so that we do not confuse it. Hopefully I will deal with that, (maybe in a few minutes,) but let’s finish the first aspect. We are looking at this beast that carries the woman, because you must understand the beast. The beast speaks of the nature of the soul.

The beast speaks of the nature of the soul when the soul operates without the influence of the Spirit of God

Spirit Soul BodySo let me draw that to make it plain. We will use three circles. You have this middle circle that is the soul with the four natures. Okay. Then this one will represent the body and then this one will represent the spirit. So this is the spirit and then this is the body and then this is the soul.

God’s order is that the spirit will receive Life from the Spirit of God. That is a river that will water the soul. So we will represent that with the “arrow” because it is Life coming from the realm of the spirit. Now a man who is not born again, a child that is born, the Bible says that: Jesus is …the true Light, which lighteth every man (soul) that cometh into the world (John 1:9). So when a soul comes into the world it comes in darkness. What that means is that his spirit is non-functional: the spirit is dead; all the lights in the spirit have been switched off; he doesn’t know God; he doesn’t recognize God.

John-Paul Sartre and all the great artists, Marx and so on, all those people who have shaped the modern concept of what they call humanistic psychology. They say that “man is the architect of his own destiny”. That is the philosophy that rules the world. Humanism, yes. You don’t think, you don’t talk, you don’t do anything, just do your own. Every man minds his own business. That is the doctrine that Western Society is built upon. All right.

So when a man comes into the world his spirit is dead. That is why he wasn’t born again. He might be the Pope, he might be whoever you are, you are following to be a Christian, you yourself must also be a Christian so the children – Christianity cannot be inherited. What you inherit is the Christian covering. There will be a covering because of the Christian parenthood that comes of value, but you yourself, you must address your spirit. So if you are a young person here and you are playing around God. You say it is your father’s church. Yes, it is your father’s church, but you have to determine who your god going to be. You must have a god. Who is your god. If it is not God then Satan is your god.

Satan will not come to you, he will show you pornography. He will show you movies. He will show you Hollywood. He will show you fashion. He will show you….you know. These are what the Bible calls the image of the beast. They are platforms through which you submit to them, you give your life to them, but the Devil is the one that gets the worship. The Devil is not going to come and say he is the Devil, although he is doing it now in Halloween and so on – those are clear Devil festivals. Easter, Valentine Day, All Saints Day, all those are clear Satanic Devil worship festivals. Whatever name you bring to call it, it is the Devil.

So the spirit is dead. If the spirit is dead then the soul will be functioning. That is what the Bible calls dead works. So when a man is born again he must repent from dead works because the soul is operating, the soul has been functioning, it doesn’t need any God.

Some day if somebody says, “I am God. You must worship me.”

For the soul to have said that it must bring an offering and that is a peace offering. The soul is going to surrender its godship, it has functioned as god, it has not known any dominion and now God says:

“I am the real God.”

So that is what the Bible means by the peace offering.

The peace offering was the offering of the fat of the animal. You know the main thing is the fat on the kidney, the fat on the liver, the liver, the kidney, the organs, you bring it and you burn it. That was the offering of the inward parts, it speaks of self. So in the tabernacle self is dealt with at the golden altar, but that is theology. God is not interested in the theology and we know the theology.

God says, “Theology is over.” 

We must come to practical manifestation. God is asking for a peace offering. We must bring the offering of our soul. The offering that God is asking for is self. SELF MUST DIE. If self doesn’t die you can’t cross over and that is what this picture is showing you. The self at the four corners of the earth, the four horns of the altar that must be broken. So it says that when you take the blood you put it upon the four horns of the altar. You must anoint with blood before you bring the anointing with oil. You anoint with blood to redeem it before you bring the anointing of the oil.

So when the man is born again blood is brought. He receives blood, the blood has the Life of God. Remember, when the man was born into the world there was no Life of God. Isn’t it so? The soul is dead, there is no connection to God, no communion with God. But the first experience is when the blood of Jesus comes and that is why we are speaking about the blood. The blood brings the Life of God. It brings the Life of God into the soul and the soul comes alive, so also does the spirit come alive.

So the Bible describes this soul operating together with the body as beastly nature. So when you hear of the beast it is speaking of the soul operating outside the government of the Spirit. That is what the Bible calls the beastly nature.

Now the beast, this nature sees itself as God. The Bible says: …that he as God sitteth in the temple of God… sits as God demanding worship as God (2 Thessalonians 2:4). But you see it is not only the self that is asking for that worship. There is another person who is asking for the same worship. Who is that? That is the Devil. That is Heylel. The Bible says that he says: “I will arise over Zion, I shall be like the Most High. I will arise over the stars of God, I will overshadow them.” (Isaiah 14:12-14;). So you have two gods struggling for dominion within you. so you have that, you have the anti-christ, or the Devil.

That is the condition of the soul of man and that is the condition of the end time church.

And we are not even addressing it yet. So do you see our predicament? For how many years now the end-time movement? You guys started before us in Africa. We have already run it to the ground. The whole thing is organized. The whole thing is organized and the Devil did that carefully. It just takes a little tangent off, a little tangent off the mark is very wide – not at the point, but a few years down the line it will never meet. The tangent off the mark will never meet. You guys, you have been several tangents, just a little bit off the mark.

So what God has been doing is sifting. When there is “off the mark” He moves on. “Off the mark” He moves on and that is how we have come to where we are now.

There is a platform, I hope you have seen it. There is a platform and God’s interest is permanent. God’s interest is permanent, or unshakeable. The foundations of God are sure, but the players will change. So if a man comes and shows himself froward with God – God will throw him… If you come and you are crooked, you want to use God, then automatically God goes beyond. So whether it is the Catholic Church, or the Presbyterian Church, or the End Time Church, those are just names. The interest of God is upon us. What is God’s interest? The soul must be saved. Your soul is in real crisis. The soul is in crisis. Not just that, the soul itself has a problem because it is operating outside of the influence of God. That alone would have been difficult to deal with, but now the soul has an added problem, that the Devil has an interest.

He says, “The soul, I will sit over it.”

So there is a spirit working to also dwell in the soul.

There is a spirit, spirits working that want to say, “Your soul will be my dwelling place.”

God says, “Zion shall be my dwelling place forever.”

So the soul of man is at the crossroad. It is the destination of God. It is the final dwelling place of God.

The Devil said, “The final dwelling place of God will also be my own dwelling place.”

So when a man is born he comes into the world already inhabited by spirits and that is what God calls Babylon. So if you go to Revelation 18:2, it says “Babylon has become the habitation of every unclean spirit and hateful bird.” God already, Jesus already told us about the spirits that were dwelling in man, that dwell in man. So that is what we are looking at. So the soul of man is already the habitation of spirits.

When the children of Israel entered into the promised land, which is a type of your soul and a type of my soul, the land was already inhabited. Isn’t it so? They found the Canaanites in the land. They found the Jebusites in the land. They found the Ammorites in the land. They found the Gergashites in the land. Some of them were dwelling inside the ground, that was the carnal fleshly. Others were dwelling on the mountain, others were dwelling in the sea. The nature of the sea, the nature of the sea is the nature of fleshly lust and carnality and so on. So the whole realm of Canaan represents the nature of the soul.

God said, “Fine. That is the promised land. Arise, drive them out.”


Drive them out, then you possess the land.”

Do you understand?

Someone says, “I am not able to fight.”

“I don’t want conflict in my life.”

You don’t know what you want. There is no peace without fight. These spirits are not going to go out except by prayer and fasting. Jesus said, …this kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting (Mark 9:29). Because they are spirits that dwell in the flesh, they don’t understand English language, they only understand blood. They understand the Spirit of God. So the Bible says that He cast them out by His Spirit, but He also cast them out by the Word of His mouth. That is how He delivered the land, by the ministry of the Word and the ministry of the Spirit and the ministry of the blood.

So what do you think the Devil will do? He will corrupt the Word. He will dilute the Word. He will become a teacher of the Word. He will build Bible Schools. He will affect the theologians. He will become even the Pope and the Bishop. He will now own churches and congregations. Why does he do that? So that the Word is corrupted.

The Da Vinci Code, says that there was no man called Jesus.

I asked them, “Was there any man called Julius Caesar?”

They say, “Yes.”

I say, “Oh. Did you see Julius Caesar?”

“No. History said that there was a man called Julius Caesar.”

I said, “You are a fool. So you believe that there is a man called Julius Caesar by history and history also says that there was a man called Jesus Christ.”

He said, “No, I will not believe that there was a man called Jesus Christ. Rather I will believe that there is a man called Julius Caesar.”

Foolish people. It is clear. The history books are clear. Archeology is clear about a man called Jesus. There is a man called Josh McDowell, he was a young college student.

He said, “I will prove that there was no man called Jesus Christ.”

Today he is the greatest apologist. He has written two books: Evidence That Demand a Verdict; and More Evidence That Demands a Verdict. He is saying that there was a man called Jesus. He set off to prove that Jesus never existed, now he is the greatest preacher that Jesus actually existed. He lives here in America. Hallelujah. Josh McDowell, yes.        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josh_McDowell

The foundation of God is very clear. Brethren we have come to the point where we must decide where we are going to go. How do you know the true ministry of the Word? Very easy, a very easy test. Any man that tells you that you cannot overcome sin, throw him out of your window. Any man or any ministry that gives you the slightest suggestion that you cannot overcome sin, he is from the Devil.


He doesn’t care if he has healed everybody in Dubuque, or he has built all the churches in America. Any slightest suggestion that you cannot overcome the flesh is out. That is one.

Number two: If there is anything that suggests that you cannot overcome the flesh or makes any allowance for the flesh, he is from the same place. He is out.

Number three: Anyone that tells you that you cannot overcome traditions, he is the father of the Devil.

Three Tests for NOT OF GOD

  1. If says you cannot overcome sin-
  2. If says you cannot overcome flesh/or the world-
  3. If says you cannot overcome traditions-

Directly: sin, the world, traditions, those are the three things. You don’t need to know any book to know who he is. If you look at his life and his ministry and he is making an allowance for any of this – I don’t pray about it. I don’t so to say, “I want a word from you Lord.” I already have a word from the Lord. If the elders in that fellowship begin to play politics, God just walks around and moves on. If you start playing politics, you are asking:

“Is he a brother?”

Just forget it. God will just part and go on, because God has one interest – to save the soul. That is why God is no longer going to tolerate our politics. So God is going to require every man, every eldership to determine where you stand: Are you for God?

They say, “He that gathers with us is with us. He that does not gather with us is against us.”

It is simple. Jesus says, …other sheep I have, which are not of this fold… (John 10:16). What does that mean? There are seven thousand, I don’t know who they are and I don’t bother even to know who they are, because I will never know them. There are …seven thousand…who have not bowed the knee to the image of Baal (Romans 11:4). They are all over the place. So I don’t wake up and say, “God I want to know.” No. I do what I have to do. If God wants me to come and fellowship with them he will bring them and I will know because I have my test and I am testing. I have my test in my heart. It makes a special measurement. It is a little thing that says, …try the spirits whether they are of God… (1 John 4:1). If you don’t test – anything that happens is your own responsibility. That is why we have been told. You cannot blame God because God has told you and He has said, …by their fruits ye shall know them (Matthew 7:20).

So why are you going to ask God saying, “God show me,” when He has already shown you?

Look for the fruits. Look for the ministry. Check in your heart, that is the Spirit, whether they are of God or not. If they are not of God the Bible says, do not give them …God speed (2 John 1:10). Isn’t that in your Bible? It says, If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed. Yes. Don’t listen to him; do not promote; do not support; do not give him place. Hallelujah. Amen. Don’t waste your resources, because God has already (moved on).

The problem is that the man is still shouting. The man is still preaching and calling God.

You say, “But he is preaching kingdom message.”

He is still talking about the tower of Babel and Babylon. Amen. Check by his fruits. Check the fruits and gold plated is not the thing same as gold. One man went and polished brass and brought it into the tabernacle and said, “This is gold.” The Bible says, “All that glitters is not gold.” Check it. Test the spirit.

The greatest warfare in the church is over the ministry of the Word. But you see there is a better way to check. You check by the Spirit. There is a spirit behind every ministry. There is a spirit behind every word and that is why we must be spiritual. If we are spiritual then we will be able to discern. If you cannot discern spirits then you have no business in priesthood. Because the Bible says, “The priest must not be flat nosed” (Leviticus 21:18). That is one of the qualifications to be a priest. It is written in Leviticus Chapter 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22. It says, “If the priest is flat nosed, take him out.” What does that mean? Discernment. You must discern the spirit.

If you cannot discern my spirit since I have been talking here you are in trouble. You must discern the spirit by which I am ministering. YOU MUST. It is a matter of life and death, no sentiment attached, because for me, I don’t have any sentiment. My wife even knows that, no sentiment. If my wife is working by a wrong spirit then it is wrong, it is completely out. If I am working by a wrong spirit then I am also completely out. That is our rule. My best friends are those who have the right spirit. My best friends are not: the ones from my village; or from my country; or from my tribe; or who buy me food; or who buy me gifts; who say good things about me. Those are not my best friends. My best friends are those who want to do the will of God completely, all the time. So you must define your boundaries. If not, you are not going to go far. Hallelujah.

So the Devil is in the business of corrupting the ministry of the Word and we must …earnestly contend… …earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered… (Jude 1:3). Why do you need to contend? Because of what we have said, “because the Devil himself has also become an angel”, (2 Corinthians 11:14). An angel means minister, apostle, end time minister of the gospel. If you cannot beat them join them and he has joined us big time. He has joined us BIG TIME and he is preaching from our pulpits. He is carrying your bag and he is on the safari mission with you. Everything you are doing he is doing. Hallelujah.

BUT THE FOUNDATION OF GOD STANDETH SUREThe Lord knoweth them that are his… (2 Timothy 2:19).

Hallelujah. The Bible says, “Another voice shall they not hear” because they know the voice of the Master (John 10:5). If you are His sheep you will know the voice of the Master. A man goes into error who has a receptor in his heart for error. I don’t know if you understand. In science there is what they call the Receptor Theory. If somebody says that you are a fool and you get angry, it means that you have a receptor for that word. Do you know why? He had just said something, why should what a man said have affected me?

He says, “I am a fool.”

I am not a fool.

It is like someone says, “You are a girl.”

“Brother Mark, you are a woman.”

Would you take offense to that? No, you know you are a man.

A man says, “You are a woman. You are a woman. You are a woman.”

And you get angry. Why is he calling you a woman? Why? You know you are a man. You can come and go away because there is nothing in you to receive it. Hallelujah.

A man goes into error who has something in him that wants the error that is there that is an opening for the error to go in. That is why we must deal with the heart. David said, Search me, O God, and know my heart (today)(Psalm 139:23). Every day you should bring it. That is a peace offering. You bring your heart and say, God, Search me, O God, and know my heart (today)and God will do it. Hallelujah. He will bring brethren to walk on your head, not on your toes, they will walk all over your heads. When brethren start walking all over your head do you know what happens?

You say, “There is no love in this fellowship. I am going out.”

That’s right. You go and you say there is no love in that fellowship and you go to another fellowship where there is love. No problem. After two or three years the same problem comes up. They start walking all over your heads again. You leave that one and go to another one where there is love. After six months the same problem comes.

Now you say, “No, no. Now I am going to start my own fellowship. Now I will be in control.”

Now you fall into the trap of Absalom. Hallelujah. Jesus is the Head of every local assembly. He is the Head of every local assembly that He has established. Now there is a principle of the city of refuge. If you look at Joshua Chapter 20 and Deuteronomy Chapter 20 it say the city of refuge is a place where they have the high priest. As long as the high priest is in that city the avenger of blood cannot come in. Hallelujah. Be careful of starting fellowships. Be careful of joining yourself to a man who has an agenda. He has an agenda and you join yourself with him and Jesus is not the high priest in that city. The avenger of blood will come: cancer; disease; marriage breakdown; wayward children; will scatter the fellowship.

After four or five years you are the loser. Why? Because you joined yourself with another man’s rebellion. You joined another man’s rebellion without asking questions. From Whom? From the High Priest. Because if you would go to the High Priest He would tell you the fellowships that He has established. Say “amen” now.


Jesus is the One that starts fellowship and when He starts it you know He is the Head and that place will become a city of refuge. Every man who wants Life, who wants deliverance will run in there and be safe. The Bible says that as long as the high priest is alive the avenger of blood (who is the Devil) and the spirits cannot come in. So when brethren begin to exercise authority, the Devil cannot ask them questions. Do you know why? Because the Bible says that when you come into that city you should declare your matter.

You should tell the brethren, “This is where I am coming from. This is who I am.”

Many of us will come into the fellowship and we hide. Then when you start having problems you say that there is no life – because you are not walking according to divine order.

The divine order is that when you come in you open yourself to the brethren and you say, “This is who I am. These are my issues.”

Then the brethren will begin to pray for you. The Bible says that the brethren will judge. “The congregation and the elders will judge”, (Numbers 35:24).

They will declare, “This man did not kill his brother by intention, therefore he is free.”

Immediately that they made that declaration the Bible said that they should give him a place within the city of refuge so that he may carry on with his business.

If there is an avenger of blood that comes, they will say, “Yes. We have judged the matter and he is free.”

Hallelujah. If God declares you free the covering is removed. Many of us, we have coverings over us because we are secretive. Yes. We are hiding things. Nobody knows who you are. Nobody knows where you are coming from. How can the body stand for you? Hallelujah. That is what Brother Burt was saying. You cannot be a loner. You can’t. The Devil will just pick you. You must come under the body. You may not like the face of the brethren. I’m telling you, I didn’t like some of the brethren. They were too slow for me. You can ask Brother Burt. They were too slow, too slow. You need men who are slow to pull you back to sit down. Sit down.

“Why is everybody not seeing what I am seeing?”

Well if they are not seeing what you are seeing, God is saying, “Sit down. You pray for them to see.”

Hallelujah. Because He said that, “the watchmen will see eye to eye”, (Isaiah 52:8). Hallelujah. That is how you know God has spoken. When God speaks to you that Word is in the Spirit. Pray for them that when they open their heart that Word will come to them and there will be witness.

If a young man says to a young girl, “I love you. I want to marry you.”

No problem. Let him be alone. You two go and hear from God because if it is God that spoke that Word is in the Spirit.

You don’t say, “I love his voice.”

“I like his trousers.”

“I love the way he walks.”

“I love his language.”

“I think he is a good guy. He is cool.”

That is not the criteria. Young ladies, the criteria is: “Has the Lord spoken.”

How do you know the Lord has spoken? By opening your heart to the Lord. Hallelujah. And you will hear that is the Word. When you hear the same Word there is a witness. If there is a Word, such a Word of the Lord, when the elders also pray, they too will hear the same Word. So everyone is hearing the same Word. Hallelujah. So there is an agreement in the church that this is the way. Hallelujah. It is so simple. Hallelujah.

But when we start doing other things then we get into problems, you know. Hallelujah.

So to close, the offering of the soul is where the church is now. This is the offering of the soul – the golden altar. This is the place where they burn incense. Isn’t that so? I wish we had time to get into that, the fragrance, the aroma. Don’t let anybody fool you. Your soul must be anointed. Your soul must have a fragrance before the King can accept it. Hallelujah. That is the purpose of the golden altar, to present your soul as an offering to God. Hallelujah. That is where we are now.

The ministry of the shewbread is to bring in the light of God into the soul and that light will drive out the darkness. It is the preparation of the soul. The ministry of the lampstand is to bring anointing into the soul, bring oil into the vessel so that that soul can become like the true wise virgin. It is when there is the anointing of the Spirit and the anointing of the Word that the soul is prepared to be offered to God. When it becomes as a true offering to God it says He will smell a good savour and He will accept it. If there is no ointment on the soul then how can God smell, how can it please God? It says that He smelled a good savour and it pleased His heart.

There is a difference between religion and offering. You find religion in churches, including the end time church, including Dubuque Fellowship. But God is looking for priests, New Testament priests who are bringing the offering of their own soul. Hallelujah. Do you understand? It says that Jesus offered one offering in that He offered His soul to God as an eternal sacrifice. If Jesus offered Himself, who are you that you will not offer your own soul to God? Hallelujah. That is the platform of judging every man. If we fail at this point then there is nothing else God can do.

So brethren we have come to the plate, we have come to the mark and we cannot afford to turn back. We cannot afford to be distracted. As I always say, there are men who have come to this point and they have made a decision. Do you know their decision? To turn back.

They have decided: “It is too strong, the price is too high, I cannot offer it.”

And they are with you. When you meet them they discourage you from moving forward. When you make friends with such people, or you become co-ministers with them, worse, if you even marry them, you know the result – shipwreck. It is called shipwreck of your faith. You make a shipwreck, the ship cannot reach the shore, it will sink. That journey will not meet its completion. Paul said, “There are many who have turned away and say they mind their own things. All men have deserted me,” (2 Timothy 4:16). Hallelujah. It is not new.

So we have come to that point, the end time church, that is where we are. God says, “on the day of atonement any soul that will not afflict itself shall be cut off”, (Leviticus 23:29). So this is where we are, the affliction of the soul. The soul must be brought to that place where it says it stops servile work.

Now there are three dimensions, three things happening on the day of atonement, I shall just mention that.  One: That the soul has been the habitation of spirits. So now God is judging that so that it will no longer be a habitation of spirits but it shall be called a habitation of God. That is one.

Two: The soul has been giving life to these spirits, feeding them and that is what the Bible calls servile work. Servile work, to do the work of a servant, servile work, serving the spirits. The classic example is Ahab and Jezebel. That is the example of servile work. Ahab is a type of the soul. Jezebel is a type of the spirit of whoredoms that rule over the soul to cause it to work contrary to God’s purpose. That is why God is judging that spirit of Ahab and Jezebel in the church. God says on the day of atonement …ye shall do no servile work therein (Leviticus 23:7).

The Bible said that Ahab …served Baal, and worshipped him (1 Kings 16:31). He not only served Baal, he worshipped, he bowed himself, he built altars to Baal. Those altars are in the heart. You go and bring in an altars of Baal and put in your heart. Do you know what that is? Television; i-Pod; laptop; those are all types of Baal.

Okay, too hard.

You can hear news, information, education, some entertainment from that. But if you are not careful it becomes a platform to give your soul to the Devil. Yes. We need it. Your phone is good, but it can go two ways. The parents must get involved. We must read the riot act to our children. I wrote my children a text, an e-mail that says “So and so and so must not stop on Facebook.” Yes, I got into Facebook. How many parents here are in Facebook? You must get into Facebook. You must get into Skype, Twitter, whatever they call it, YouTube, you must get in there and you have a code of conduct. If you misbehave you are shot down. If you misbehave you are down. Hallelujah.

We must do it, because these are the altars where life is being drained. The young man is in church but he is playing Twitter at home in his mind. He is watching New York Yankees against Dallas Cowboys in his mind while he is in church. He is in church but he is watching a ball game at home. That is the nature of the soul. You think the Devil is a threat – the Devil is playing at the soul. Even when you are doing your own church business, he is working at the level of the soul. So when they come to church there is no life, they have no more to give. All their life has been drained by Michael Johnson and Beyoncé. Hallelujah.

God says, He calls it, “Baal worship.”

Hallelujah. I have not spoken about the so called Western traditional marriage. You have to wear a long gown. You do the shopping and do your wedding cards. You do your family wedding. You do all those things. It is not in the Bible. It is not in the Bible, it is traditional marriage. You bring in the Devil to the marriage. Six months there is divorce. Three years along the line there is divorce. You are wondering what happened. What happened was that you brought in the Devil into the marriage and the parents must repent. The elders must repent.

Christian marriage – it says: What therefore God hath joined together, let not man (no spirit) put asunder (Mark 10:9).

Amen. Before you get married get the consent.

The young man said, “Fine. God has spoken.”

The parents are in agreement. You need to come to church. That is all. Nothing else. Of course you go to court and you get your legal (license) and whatever it is and you come to church. They will bless you. We can do marriage at the end of this preaching. You don’t need a card to get married. You don’t need rice and Mexican chicken to get married. You don’t need that. You only need this man to lay hands and prophesy and say, “Thus saith the Lord…” You only need the elders to say, “Thus saith the Lord…” and they will bring the hand of God upon that marriage. That is what you want. That is why you pray. All of the ice eating and show wearing and handbag and the brida attiring is Babylon. It is not necessary. Hallelujah.

The Bible says that we should remember …the simplicity that is in Christ (2 Corinthians 11:3). There is simplicity in Christ. We have made it feel so complicated. It is simple.

If you have the means to take us to the Sheraton, to Grand Hilton, to give us a seven course meal, you have the ability. We will sit down and we won’t even eat that morning. We will make sure that our tummies are empty and we will come and you feed us. You will give us seven course meal, we will eat. If you can only give us water to drink we will still bless God for you. Hallelujah. Do you understand. Ask anybody, if you want to wear black on black, fine. If you want to wear white on white, fine. If you want to wear green on green, fine. What you want to wear, fine. It is not important. If you want to wear T-shirt, fine, if you like. Bless you. All those are not important. But we have brought the ceremonies into the church and we say it is Christian. It is not Christian. Hallelujah.

Jewish marriage is not Christian. Jewish marriage is not Christian. We have Christian marriage and that is what I am describing to you. The Bible says, Let your moderation be known unto all men… (Philippians 4:5). Moderation means appropriate. You cut your coat according to your size, that is what Christian means. If you have ten dollars you can do ten dollars marriage. If you have two hundred dollars, you can do two hundred dollars marriage. If you have one thousand dollars you can do one thousand dollars marriage. But I wish you would do ten dollars marriage and use the rest for missions. That is wisdom. Hallelujah. Use ten dollars to marry and go on a foreign mission. Give it to sponsor a child in the Philippines. That is righteousness. Hallelujah. It is costing you something. That is what Christianity is about.

Brethren we must overcome the spirit of America. You are wondering why the spirits are ruling over us. It is because we are submitting to them. We are American. You are English. You are German. God is not here to protect Germany, or America, or Nigeria. Those things do not mean anything to God. God never established any nation. He only established one nation and His name is Jesus Christ. That is the only nation that God set up – Jesus Christ, one nation under God (Ezekiel 37:22). These other nations, they say they are not under God. They all have the eye, there is an eye in your dollar. That is the thirty-three degree Mason in your dollar. So God is not in it at all. The only God I know is the one in my Bible.

And you must repent for being American. Do you know why? When the judgment comes upon America to come upon Americans, but if you are from Zion in America the judgment will come and it will not touch you. Do you understand? God is judging America. He will judge Nigeria. The only way to get out of it is to become like Rahab, you put on the country of Christ. When they look at you you are not American, you are Zion. The economy will not run by the American economy, it will run by the economy of God. When people say there is a casting down, your business will boom. Do you understand? Because first of you’re, your spirit is different. If your spirit is different then the spirit that rules America will not rule you. That is the point. So when people, their business is falling down, your own business will boom. It will expand. You are buying more land, employing more staff, more branches. While they are breaking down you are expanding because you are working by a different Spirit. Because you are different you can judge the spirit.

You cannot be a government contractor and criticize the government. Do you know why? The first thing they will do is to stop your contract. If you are an American government contractor the American government gives you contracts and you stand up and start criticizing the government. The first thing they will do is what? They will pull your contract. Hallelujah. Then you are finished.

So the first thing to do first of all is to get out of government. Depend on God and THEN you can come out and talk about what is going on in the land and the Devil will not touch you. So if your economy is built on God then the American spirit cannot touch you. Hallelujah. So we are in a time of great crisis and God is giving us survivor strategies: how to overcome; how to survive; how to deliver ourselves from what has gone on in the world.

So I think we will just rest it on that point about offerings: the offering of the soul; the golden altar; and that which God is requiring us to bring. God is tempering the body. He is…”bone is coming to bone, sinew to sinew, joint to joint, flesh to flesh” (Ezekiel 37:7). Hallelujah. There is a new Spirit coming into the church. Hallelujah.

They say, “It is all over.”

God says, “It is not yet over. I am reordering things.”

Hallelujah. “He will first of all break down things before He starts building it up”, (Jeremiah 1:10). Hallelujah. But there is a new Spirit in town.

You know they said with Ruth, that bread had come back. Hallelujah. Bread had come back as a fresh visitation. Hallelujah. God is doing a new thing. Hallelujah. Amen. I am excited, because I see a great visitation and I want to be on the front row. Amen. I don’t know about you, but me, I want to be in the front row. I don’t care who you are, where you are coming from, what your interest is. I only have one interest, I want to be on the front row. Amen.

If God says, “This is where to go.”

That is where I am going to go.

If you have interests, then you have a problem, because the interest is going to run against God’s interest and because of your interest you will be distracted.

Like Brother Cec said, “The only way to not be tempted is not to desire anything.”

Isn’t that what he said? If a man doesn’t desire anything, how can you tempt him? He doesn’t want anything.

So the Devil says, “Don’t mind him. He is a madman. Don’t mind him. How can he not desire anything?”

That is why God is bringing us to have no interest. Do you know what? We are like the Cherubims. The Cherubims have no interest. They have twenty-four hour worship. Their work is twenty-four hour worship.

“Holy, Holy is the LORD!”

Holy means separation unto God. That means we are separated unto God. Out interests are unto God. Immediately God declares His interest – it becomes our own interest. Hallelujah. God is raising such a people on the earth. Their interest is God’s. They are sold out to God. Their mind is fixed on God. Their will is, they are eternally committed to doing the will of God. They have been tried, sifted and God says:

“Through this will is My will.”

Hallelujah. That is what God is doing. That is the new generation, the new Zion rising up. Hallelujah. To this I will subscribe to and to this I think God wants us to subscribe to. Hallelujah. Upon this, it says, “for then God commanded a blessing” (Psalm 133:3). You think you have seen blessings, just hold on. I’m telling you – God is going to do things. There is going to be a new blessing, a new anointing, a new visitation that is coming upon the body. It said, “Upon Him, upon the Head.” Hallelujah.

If there is any time to be excited, it is now. If there is any time to be involved in what God is doing, it is now.

To the young people it says, “Remember NOW thy God in the days of your youth,” (Ecclesiastes 12:1).

When you are young, that is when you give God your all. You don’t wait until you are old when the bones are weak, when the emotions have been messed up by Hollywood and all these things. You bring those battered emotions to God. There is no life anymore. It says to bring the youth, the morning of your life and say, “God here I am.” To such an offering God will have respect.

There was a living stone that memorized Psalm 119 as a young man, as a young person. The whole of Psalm 119, how many verses are there? Every one of them he knew because he gave his mind to God. Let us take our minds away from … and give it to God. The kind of blessings that God will give to us – we will not be able to contain. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.

Amen. Hallelujah.