(November 19, 2011, Dubuque, IA, USA)

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Praise the Lord. Amen. Because we have all eaten and we eat, so it is going to be a practical class. Amen. It is going to be a demonstration on practicals to make sure that we don’t… But I can tell that the Spirit of the Lord came down and the cups are already getting filled. Amen. Hallelujah.

You know the church, I’m sure that you have no problem with the fact that we have had church, but there is something that we have not had – that is fellowship at the realm of the soul. Amen. So that is where we are coming to. It is not saying that you don’t need to go to fellowship, or you don’t need to go to church. We are not looking at that, that is guaranteed and assumed that we must be under the authority. Amen. So you must be in a fellowship and you must function in that place and as a joint, you supply. Amen.

But we are moving forward. Hallelujah. We have had manifestation at the natural dimension, because the Word of God comes at three levels. Isn’t it? So we have had the natural, so we are not saying to do away with the natural. That is there. We must be in fellowship and we must walk in all the things that the Lord has shown us. But we also realize that God is raising a body. He speaks about the bride, which is a many-membered body. Amen. Hallelujah. We are looking at, because we are moving forward, we are looking at the things that make up that body; how we can go on to be part of that body; because the Lord is also preparing the body, cleansing the body – That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish (Ephesians 5:27).

God is saying, “Now is the time to press in.”

Hallelujah. So the raising of the body is not something that will happen in the future – it is happening NOW. Amen. So that is the emphasis. Amen.

So I am going to draw on the board. We have the temples. Again, it is basic, it is something that you know, but it is good to start from the basic. You know about the tabernacle of Moses? The tabernacle of Moses is just a type. It is not the real thing. Amen. It is not the real thing, it is not what God had in mind, but it is something to point to what God has in mind – which is YOU. Amen.

Now Ephesians Chapter 1, verse 4, says: “From the foundation of the world God chose you to be in Christ!” Amen. So there is another temple. So we have the tabernacle of Moses and then what I call the tabernacle of man. So there are two tabernacles, Moses’ and YOU! Amen.


So when the Bible talks about the tabernacle in the heavens, it is speaking of you. You are the heavenly temple. It is not something floating in the sky – IT IS YOU – because heaven is within you. You are heaven. The Bible says, …rejoice ye heavens, and ye that dwell in (heaven)(Revelation 12:12). Do you understand? So when He says: …the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was opened: He is speaking of YOU, the manifestation of what God has done in you, (Revelation 15:5). Amen. So there are two temples: Moses’ and YOU. Yes.

Now this one goes with the Old Testament – (Moses’), and this one goes with the New Testament – (YOU).

So just like when Jesus came He talked in parables. You use natural things to explain spiritual things. So also the tabernacle or temple of Moses was given to explain you, to explain your functioning. Amen. So the things that you see in the tabernacle of Moses you have to apply to yourself – otherwise it is of no use. Amen. Okay.

In here (Moses’) we have a physical temple. Here (YOU) you have a living temple. In the history of Israel, the most important thing about Israel was the temple. Isn’t it? The whole thing of Israel is the temple. So also in the New Testament, the most important thing to God is YOU and ZION. Amen.

So you will say ZION – well let me amend that a bit. Okay, we will leave it. So Zion is, He says: In my Father’s house are many mansions (many temples; many dwelling places;)(John 14:2). So what God is doing – He is raising temples. God is not building churches. I don’t know if I can over-emphasize that enough? God is not building churches, or ministries, or whatever it is. He has a passion and the passion is that He must build His house.

He said, “I will build My house.” Or He said, …I will build my church… (It is still the same thing.) …and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it (Matthew 16:18). The important thing that God is doing now is to build His house – which is ME, it starts from me. When God says He will build My house, He is speaking of the soul, because the soul is the bride of Christ. That is the prize to God; that is the most important thing to God because it is His dwelling place.

Now the scripture says that these people say, “That the time has not come to build the Lord’s house.”

God says, “If you don’t build my house I am going to do something to you.”

So if you don’t build God’s house, if God loves you, He will do something to you to draw your attention. (I’ll take that again.) If God loves you and He loves us in Africa, then He will do something to you to draw your attention to the fact that you are a wayward son. You are a prodigal son, that you left off what you should do and you are doing your own thing. Amen. So the Bible says, “If God does not rebuke you then you are a bastard,” (Hebrews 12:8). Isn’t it?

So that is why He is going to send us tribulation. So we are not afraid of tribulation, because …tribulation worketh patience; and patience will perfect our faith (Romans 5:3b). Isn’t it? So we are heading for tribulation. We are heading for tribulation. So next year is going to be worse than this year and it is going to build up and He is doing that because He knows that when there is tribulation the people of God will run to Him. Because if everything is going well with you – you forget God. So He will make holes (Haggai 1:6). He will do this (or that) so that they will realize that something is wrong and then come to God and then go back to the real issue.

So the real issue is that God is interested in His house.

He says, “My house is lying waste,” (Haggai 1:4, 9;).

Well of course you can apply it to the natural: the natural house, the church, the ministry, blah, blah, blah. All those things. Okay. But that is not the main issue. The main issue is YOU, it is your soul. When we talk about soul, a fact comes then. Of course in between you have David. In between the Old Testament and the New Testament you have David to bridge the difference, the tabernacle of David. 


So in this one there are three compartments. In the Living Temple (YOU) there is none. What has happened is that the vails have been broken down.  The vails have been broken down in the tabernacle of David. So then here (soul) you have the ark and the glory. Of course the ark is here (Moses), but the access is restricted. The access is restricted. But there is a better tabernacle that is prepared of God in the heavens. Hallelujah. Okay.

When I was in Gabon, (I don’t like to use the word visitation, because I don’t see spirits like some see spirit, because there are brethren that see spirits), God began to show me something. We will have time to discuss it, but you know that there are four dimensions? These are the four dimensions of the soul. Brother Cec would draw the circles. You know the circles, you are familiar with that. We will still have those circles.

Soul & God1 So we circles to represent the Father, the Son (or Christ) and then the Holy Ghost. But the target, the most important part is Christ.

I want you to understand Christ. Now the doctrine of Christ is something that is coated with a lot of religion, because where we are naturally afraid, where we have the attitude, where we feel, that we kind of put ourselves down when we talk of the adoption of Christ. But the truth of the matter is that the Bible says that from the foundation God chose you IN CHRIST (Ephesians 1:4). Right from the beginning, the foundation of the world whenever, however far back your mind can take, however far, that is when God chose you to be IN CHRIST.

Like we mentioned, that is always a stumbling block because someone says, “Even though He chose me to be in Christ, I go and play football, I go do anything I want, then at the end I will end up in Christ.”


He chose you IN CHRIST and said, “If you want to be IN CHRIST there is a WAY you follow to go to CHRIST.”

If you drive on that road you end up IN CHRIST. If you go any other way you are NOT going to end up IN CHRIST.

So we do not have a problem with “Ultimate Reconciliation”. Okay. I am not preaching that we are god or anything, but the Bible says that He chose us to be IN CHRIST and I am very happy to receive that. Amen.

Now who is Christ? Christ is the eternal Son of God. Do you understand? Here is where you are when you are in Christ – you in the SON of GOD. 

Father Son HG Circles Red

When you are up 30,000 feet above Dubuque you don’t see any house. You don’t even talk of any human being. If you go much, much higher you won’t even see the earth. The earth becomes a dot. Do you understand?

God says, “You, you are part of the godhead,” (Colossians 2:9-10;).

You are not God. We are not God. We are man, but God is taking man INTO, INTO THE GODHEAD, INTO CHRIST to be a …joint-heirs with Christ… (Romans 8:17). That is something worth fighting for, it is something worth dying for. It is something that Paul said, …I have suffered the loss of all things…for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord (Philippians 3:8). I don’t know if you understand that? It is something that should take your passion, that is everything that you have. You are pressing…

I’m pressing on the upward way
New heights I’m gaining every day

You are forgetting the things and every day you are pressing on, because it is something worth dying for. Do you understand? There is no prize that can be exchanged for this (IN CHRIST). That is why he said, “Though I should gain all the world…” What is the world compared to this? Hallelujah. Amen. So that is the high calling. That is what God has called us to, TO BE IN CHRIST. Hallelujah.

That is bigger than ministry, it is bigger than church, it is bigger than anything that man can conceive. So that is the vision and the focus that we must realize, that there is a melting point and that melting point is Christ and in Christ there has to be one Head. So all those who are coming into Christ will come headless. All of those coming into Christ will come headless. So you know it is like in a factory: they process you and the end product is that there must be no head; so that they take you and they fit you into Christ. If you have a head – you are not good enough. That is a good way to understand it. Amen.

Well, while we are there, the problem of man is self, what I call the self god. That is what I call the self god. Maybe at this point we can go further and look at the soul. The soul has will, as you know. It has emotion, it has desire and it has a mind. Three of them are represented by animals. This one is represented by a lion, so there is a lion here. Do you understand? There is a lion in you. How many people know that there is a lion there? Has it manifested today? Has the lion manifested today? Okay, did the lion manifest yesterday? Were there any lion-like activities yesterday? Okay.

Then there is an eagle here, an eagle in you. Then the big one, do you know the big one. Ox is the big one. Hallelujah. The will is committed to death to ensure that self remains god unto death. I say that the will in me is committed unto death to ensure that I remain the god of my soul. I want you to understand that and it is not a very light thing.

Okay, the scripture says the carnal mind is enmity against God… (Romans 8:7). That word enmity is hostile, aggressive. It is exceedingly, abundantly, super abundantly hostile unto God. That is the way that Paul would say it. It is exceedingly abundantly and more abundantly exceedingly hostile to God. That won’t even describe it. Jesus said, …not my will, but thine, be done (Luke 22:42). If you think it is easy, God will put you in a situation and then God gives you something that you love.

Something you want to do and God says, “Give it to Me.”

That is when you know it is deep-seated. So that is why He said, “If any man worship the beast he cannot, he cannot enter into the kingdom,” (Revelation 14:9-11). 

Soul of Man

So there are some qualifications that we must have before our soul can enter.

So these are the four – of course we have the desire. The desire is two-faced: that we would desire spiritual things, godly things; and that we desire earthly and things that are lifeless, that do not have the life of God. Amen.

Now the way that God showed me the soul is like a realm. I don’t know how to explain it to you, I have to use the word realm because I think it is a word that is less offensive to the people of God. It is a realm, or a dimension. Okay. However you understand it. It is something in you and there are four natures of the soul. Hallelujah.

Now these natures of the soul must be changed. That is the task of the gospel. That is why we are in this room. That is why you come to fellowship. If you are not doing, if you are not achieving that mission, then you might as well disband and go home, because it is of no use. So it is like you have a mission statement. Okay. You have a mission statement: that is that these four natures must be changed.

Jeremiah Chapter 31, verse 31 says: …I will make a new covenant…Now the old covenant here didn’t address this (the changing of the soul natures). The old covenant couldn’t address this, it was in tables, it was in standards. It was in tables, so God said, For finding fault with it, he saith…I will make a new covenant… (Hebrews 8:8). When He said that I will make a new covenant – He set aside the old that He might bring in the new. So we are not even discussing church or ministry.

So here, we will not say, “Well you want to be here.”

Why church and ministry is important is the food you eat determines what happens to these four natures (of your soul), the ministries you receive. Because God has ordained that there are three instruments or three ways in which the soul will be changed. One is the Word and that is the table of shewbread (hopefully we will come there). Okay, Jesus said, “I am the Word.” Scriptures says, “The word of God converteth the soul”, (Psalm 19:7). It is the Word of God that will convert these guys, (four corners of your soul): Philosophy will not do it; Theology will not do it; Bible School will not do it; It is the Word of God.

It is not just the Word of God, it is the anointed Word of God.

The shewbread, they sprinkled frankincense on it. Do you understand? After you bake the bread you put frankincense on it, it makes it special. It is not just any kind of bread that you buy off the supermarket shelf. This is special bread, it has a special aroma, the aroma of Christ. So there are ministries and there are ministries. There are some that have run and God has not sent them. Amen.

So when the high priest comes into the temple listen for the bells. If you don’t hear the bells you know the man is dead. Do you understand? Paul says, “You don’t need letters of commendation from us”, (2 Corinthians 3:1). Why? Because the “Spirit of God ministers to you and witnesses to you that we are the servants of God”, (Romans 8:16). So there is a special ministry that God is sending bringing His Word. He said, …angel ascending from the east… they are bringing the ministry (Revelation 7:2). So that is one.

The second ministry that brings change is the blood. When Adam died the Life of God was cut off from the earth. The only way Adam could get Life was through the Spirit of God. When Adam died there was a block.

So man continued to die. The little life that he had in him has been gradually slipping away. The only other way that God could bring life into the earth was through the blood. Because the life of the flesh is in the blood…(Leviticus 17:11). So when a man receives that He is born again – what he does is that he receives the blood which is the Life of God. The Life of God comes and establishes this contact again. The Bible says that: The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God: (Romans 8:16). There is a ministry between your heart and the Spirit of God – this connection is made. But you see there is a difference between connection and the point of baptism when the Spirit of God comes to dwell within this spirit. So when at the point of baptism the Holy Ghost comes into the spirit to dwell, but it still does not address the problem. The problem is still in the soul. But the purpose of the ministry of the Holy Ghost is that it might begin to bring life to the four dimensions of the soul.

The third dimension that brings life to the soul is the Spirit of God. The Bible says that There are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the Blood: and these three agree in one (1 John 5:8). 

3 Ways the Soul Will Be Changed

It says that those three that bear witness in earth are the Word, the Spirit and the Blood: those are the three that bring the Life of God into the soul. Amen.

The purpose of that is that the Life of God might come back to the soul. The soul needs the Life and the energy of God. But when the soul sinned and was cut off, it had to function, it had to have life. From where would the soul get life? You use what you have: one thing is championship to another one; one bowl game to another; one restaurant to another one; looking for life. Man lives for life.

When you go to a good restaurant you feel good. You go to Mexico and you can lie down in the sun. You travel from Dubuque to Mexico. You go to a strip of sand. You remove your clothes, you leave your clothes in the hotel and you are lying down in the sun and sun is beating you and you are drinking fruit juice and that is a holiday for you. It makes you feel good. You come back and you are walking very tall.

“I have enjoyed visiting Mexico.”

You spend ten thousand dollars to go to Acapulco, or to go to Tunisia. Ten thousand dollars to go to Tunisia to lie down in the sun and sun is beating you. Then when you come out you walk like a big man. You have received energy from the sun.

“Then you brag about it on Facebook.”

Yes, Facebook. I went there and you show the photographs that you took. You saw the baboons, you saw the giraffes.

The young people now, they are on Facebook, four hours on Facebook. Doing what?

“Hello! How are you?”


I don’t know about you guys here, but what does LOL mean? It means “laugh out loud”. That sounds good now.

Four hours you are on Facebook. You come here and in five minutes you are asleep. You are bored. You are bored. That is beastly soul.

Brother Cec says, “The beastly man is going to hell.”

The carnal man, or the Adamic man is on the way to hell. It cannot go – because this soul is the bride of Christ. Do you understand? This soul is the bride of Christ. So while you are drying your body in Acapulco – your soul is waiting for you. “The house of God is lying waste” (Haggai 1:4). You will know the nature by your soul.

You watch the movie three hours, “Immortals”. You change it to “Iron Man I & II”. “Iron Man” finishes and you watch “The Breaking Gun”. All the movies you know, but your soul is lying fallow. Hallelujah. That is the carnal church. That is what the Bible is saying.

So the temple is there. The carnal man, this emotion feeds on blood. The lion here feeds on blood. 

Soul of Man

He gets life when another person is hot. What does the lion do? The lion is carnivorous, he feeds on blood. He takes advantages of other people. He needs someone to do this or that.

Now, they have something that is called emotional intelligence. Are there any managers here? Any managers here?

There is a new way of managing men now: emotional intelligence. When you have a staff you learn how to raise your voice to manipulate them. You know when to bring your voice down to manipulate them. You know when to get angry at the right moment. You know when to smile at the right moment. You know when to frown at the right moment. You are using your emotions to manipulate and control your husbands and staff. That makes you a good manager. THIS IS CURRENT. Man is becoming more beastly. That is the emotions.

This emotion is supposed to be saved – to become the emotions of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The Bible says that LOVE …is not easily provoked… (1 Corinthians 13:5). That is strength.

You come to fellowship and someone was angry because he was ill and the brethren didn’t call him. Now who are the brethren? The brethren is one particular brother that did not call him. One other sister came to him in the hospital, but that is not the body. The body is one particular brother (or sister) who must come and visit. If that brother (or sister) do not visit her, then the body neglected her, then there is no love in the church. Is that true? Okay, that is it. So we are feeding on one another, we are tearing on one another. The Bible says that “you do not bring to God any offering that has been torn by wild beasts” (Leviticus 22:8).

That is what is happening. So while this is going on the emotions cannot bring any offering to God because there is strivings and contentions. The Bible says that “where there is strife and contention there is every evil work” (James 3:16). There is darkness. Spirits come into the fellowship or into the home.

Now one of the things about the feast of tabernacles is that it has to do with three fruits. One is the oil from the olive, that is one. Two is the fig, that is the character of Christ, the fig tree. Then three was the wine.  

3 Fruits of the Feast of Tabernacles

There are three: the harvest of the olive leave; the harvest of the fig tree; then the harvest of the grapes. In Israel the feast of tabernacles in the seventh month was a time when all the fruits were harvested. The feast of Pentecost was a time when they harvest the wheat harvest. The first one is the barley harvest. So you have the barley first one around February. Then the second one around April/ May and some part of June, that is Pentecost. Then a few months later, in the seventh month in October was when you had the fruit harvest. That is where we are now – fruits.

Now the soul must be anointed. If you forget anything, don’t forget that. the soul must be anointed for marriage. Remember, you are being prepared for marriage unto Christ. It says, …Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it (James 5:7). He is waiting for the fruit to come, but the fruit must be prepared before it can be presented.

Okay, so the first preparation is with the oil. We see that preparation in the life of Esther. Isn’t it. Esther was a type of… We all know the story of Esther, it was a natural story. But again, Esther speaks of the church, but it also speaks of YOU. It speaks of your soul. Amen. Say “amen” now.


Amen. Good. If you feel like sleeping, just walk around and come back. It is accepted. J

So I thought about Esther. Esther couldn’t just walk to the King. You cannot walk to the King. Your soul must be anointed, so there is such a thing called the anointing of the soul. I know you have not seen it in your Bible, but it is there in between. There is something called the anointing of the soul. Hallelujah.

Now the baptism of the Holy Ghost is the anointing of the spirit. The spirit is anointed. The spirit is brought back into the realm of the spirit. Do you understand that? When Adam sinned his spirit, his soul and his body fell from the realm of the spirit. The Life of God was no longer coming to him. So God must bring Adam back to the Spirit and the first that is taken is the spirit that is taken up, at the baptism the spirit is brought up. That is what you call the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

It is the firstfruit. The Bible says it is the firstfruit of the Spirit, but our body is awaiting adoption. But your body cannot be adopted without your soul – that is the order. So the order of resurrection now is that the soul must also be adopted …into the glorious liberty… of the sons of God (Romans 8:21). When the soul is brought into the realm of the Spirit the body will follow. That is the order: spirit, soul and finally the body.

Now many of us are waiting for the body to change without the soul changing. Do you understand? So right now the soul must be changing, your emotions must be changing, the desires must be changing. Hallelujah. We must start desiring the things that have the Life of God. That is a very good way to remember. The test is: Anything that doesn’t have the Life of God I will not desire it. That is going to be very serious. Are we willing to pay the price?

I will obey You Lord
I will do what You say Lord
I must go forward, I cannot go back

So are we going to apply that now? Can we apply that song now? We will only go forward to desire the things that have the Life of God. Hallelujah.

The Bible says that “the priest must not eat anything that is dead of his own, or that is strangled” (Refs: Leviticus 22:8; Ezekiel 44:31;). Leviticus Chapter 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, you see all of those dimensions.

Now if a man comes to you that doesn’t have the Life of God, don’t eat of him. I don’t pray about it. I don’t pray about it. I have my test, I check it in my spirit.

I am checking, “Does he have the Life of God?”

Not just the Life of God, but he must have the correct Life of God (pointing at the board with all the notes on the soul). This building was produced by the Life of God. I hope you know. Presbyterian Church, that was a faith dimension. Hallelujah. But the life that you have cannot satisfy my longing soul. Amen. So it is of God, but it is not for me. You can decide if that is for you if that is your level, but I am not going to remain at that level. Hallelujah. There is something better. Amen. So we must desire… The Bible says, “Don’t eat of unclean animals”. Don’t desire them. Nevertheless these shall ye not eat…he is unclean unto you (Leviticus 11:4).

But we find that we desire the things that don’t have the Life of God, that are lifeless. That is a bad habit. God says that you must break it, you must get away from it.

How about the mind? The mind, the eagle can wander so far away from God. It is proud, vaunteth, high-minded, but it must be brought to the obedience of Christ. How do you bring the mind into subjection? It must be done daily. It must be done daily, to bring the Word, to browbeat the mind and submit it unto the will of God.

You can go on and on, but these are the different dimensions of the temple of God that needs to be addressed. Once in a while we talk about it and it is a fancy subject and we move on. What do we move on to? We go back to carnal business, satisfying the flesh.

The flesh is ruling the soul and any soul that is ruled by the flesh cannot qualify as a bride of Christ, because it doesn’t have the Life of God. The flesh is the realm of the Devil. The Bible uses the word, …prince of this world… (John 14:30). It is a title that is given to him of God, that God has not taken from him. You read in old time it says, “Queen Elizabeth”, or “King So and So”, “King of Great Britain”, “Scotland”, “Prefect of Spain and Portugal”. Each of those titles go with power, they go with privileges, they go with treasures and riches, they go with many estates. Do you understand? And God says that the Devil is the god of this world. We are in his territory, although it is a temporary territory, but it is recognized by God that this is his territory. Hallelujah.

The physical world belongs to the Devil for now. How will the Devil lose his territory? You and I have to take it from him. We are not of this world, but He has given it to us. It says, The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD’S: but the earth hath he given to the children of men (Psalms 115:16). Hallelujah. So the Bible says that an angel is going to come and bind the Devil.

That brings me to what Brother Burt was saying the other day. We are not teaching ourselves to break down the power of the Devil in this world. We don’t teach our children to destroy the works of the Devil. Right now we teach them to be friends with the world. How can you be the friend of something that wants to destroy you? The world as it is now is hostile to God and hostile to anything that is associated to God, yet you want them to be your best friends.

We love the world. Is anybody here who doesn’t love the world? The Bible says, Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world… (1 John 2:15). But you need the world. So what you do is “you use the things of this world, yet not abusing it” (1 Corinthians 7:31). That is what Paul says. Isn’t it so? You use the things in the world. When you go to college, you study and get a degree so you can preach the gospel. When you are a Lawyer you use your Law degree to dismantle all the bad decrees in America. That is why you are a Lawyer. If you are a Doctor, you go in so you can preach the gospel and destroy the works of the Devil – not to get lost in the system. So we need to change our philosophy, we must take over the system.

Yes the Devil is there, but God is saying, we are not going to go out and roam. We are going to go out and meet the Devil and take over the system and bind the Devil.

How can you bind a spirit you submit to?

That is the first law of warfare, number one. When the Indians wanted independence from Britain the first thing that they did, they burnt all British clothes. The first thing that they did, they burnt all British clothes. They brought it and burnt it. They started wearing Indian clothes, Indian cotton, they started wearing Indian cotton. They were no longer buying clothes from England, they made their own clothes and wear their own clothes to establish their independence.

How about you America: In Britain the roads are small, you have wide roads; in Britain the houses are small, you have big houses; anything America did they opposite in this country. Why are you looking at me that way? That is true. To start independence you did everything the British did opposite. Isn’t that so? That is a law of warfare.


You want to bind the Devil, yet everything that the Devil does you do like him. You must dress like priests of God. The men must dress like men, women must dress like women. Men must be men in their houses, women must be women in their houses. We don’t cross borders. It is the homosexual spirit that wears trousers, that makes women to put on pants. Go and ask God that that is what the brother said, that it is the homosexual spirit. Say “amen” now.


Okay, you are not convinced. Why they do that is to break down the gender barrier.

A man says, “I am a woman.”

He is a woman. It is called gender. Gender is different from sex. Sex is biological, gender is functional. So now when you go to any company that is anti-christ – they don’t write sex, they put gender. Has anybody seen that? You fill the form, don’t talk about sex, it is discriminatory, it is biased, it is manipulative. You say “gender” because he may be biologically male, but he functions as a woman. So what is important is the gender, not sex. What is that? So he/she is physically a man in body that is wearing men clothes. That is anti-christ theology.

In the church everybody is following it. You see the sisters that are walking like men, brother and sister are dressed the same way so that you don’t know who is wife and who is husband. It is confusion. It is confusion brethren and we need to repent. I thought you would say “amen”.


Men must be men in character and in vesture. We say when they give you a degree they give you a degree in character and in learning. So here we must be men in character practice. Men must be priests at home. Spiritually order your home.

There is a soap opera called Simpson’s, do you know it? The Simpson’s. (It is cartoon, but it is not cartoon.) The man is a pauper, he is a puppet. They created the image of man that he is a “no do good”. They are driving at something, it is an image. They are attacking the symbol of the man. Hollywood began to do it in 1920. They started to do it and Hollywood began to destroy the male character, the husband role in 1920 when films started in America. Now they have taken over Hollywood. Man is nothing, so you don’t need a man in the home. It is going to change the mind of the home to single parenthood. The woman is the father, she is the mother.

The generations of people that are training the people never had anything called God. They say that God is a wicked creature. Isn’t that what they teach? They say that God is a wicked creature because they have broken down the role of the fathers. They are breeding what the Bible calls beast. The beast is a man who is not submitted to the Spirit of God and …neither indeed can be (Romans 8:7). And the women have risen up to assert themselves and it started from the bedroom – Women’s liberation. It started with the sexual revolution in America.

In 1959 there was this project called Masters & Johnson. Does anyone remember that? Masters & Johnson? Good. They began to build and right now they have taken over the whole… everywhere it is gone – but it is not gone here. Hallelujah. Say “amen”.


It should not be done here. Amongst us women must be women. We need mothers in Israel. Hallelujah. The mothers should teach the younger women, but the mothers are like men. So how will the man teach the younger women how to be women when the mothers are not women? That is the problem. In the old days they used to teach the daughters how to knit, how to bake. How many young girls know how to knit or bake? Or to do all of those feminine things? Rather they teach them to be like men.

So what has happened is a revolution over time, gradual, but the Devil knew what he was looking for. He wanted to have the generation that did not know God, a generation that did not have the Life of God and the children are confused. There have been no role models. Who have been the role models of the young children? A man called Michael Jackson. A man called Michael Jackson. Yes, he is a god.

Who are the Christian role models? So the children are agreeing that they don’t know what to look at.

Somebody’s children says, “I am an animal. I believe in natural selection. I am the beast.”

So that is the generation that is coming. So we the men must take over our homes and be the priest and order the home. Hallelujah. The mothers must be mothers and teach the young girls to keep house. Isn’t that what the Bible says? Teach them how to love their husbands and to have the order in their home. Then the young men it is also the same what it should be. So we must begin to go back to those values.

The Bible says …a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump (1 Corinthians 5:6). So when you make one allowance, every other one will go, you know.

So we are looking at raising a new priesthood and the priesthood must address the man. It must address the emotions, it must address the will, the desires and the mind, the different dimensions of the will.

Now to be able to close, I wanted to talk about atonement, although I have mentioned part of it. On the day of atonement the Bible tells us that there must be some specific activities that must take place. So I don’t know if you can turn to Leviticus Chapter 23, it is the chapter where you have all of the description of the passover, pentecost and tabernacles. Leviticus Chapter 23 describes all that I am saying, so you can look at it later at home. Reading from verse 23 up until 44 it describes the various aspects of the feast of tabernacles.

The first one describes the blowing of trumpets and the Bible says that a trumpet is a message that God sends to His people. Okay, if you want to know about trumpets look at Numbers Chapter 10, it tells you everything about trumpets. Okay. Numbers Chapter 10 tells you everything you need to know about trumpets. It says that when you blow the trumpet in a certain manner it is for going to war. When you blow the trumpet in a certain manner it is to gather the camp together. When you blow the trumpet in a certain manner it is to gather all of the leaders together. Okay. So a trumpet is a message from God to the people of God. Each time the people of God are meeting there is a trumpet blowing. In this conference there is a trumpet, there is a message that God has sent. Amen.

So when you come you should be asking God, “What is the message that you have for me?”

You get that message and you start running with it. The Bible says …if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle? (1 Corinthians 14:8). So the sound of the trumpet must be very clear. It says …Write the vision, and make it plain…that he may run that readeth it (Habakkuk 2:2). When you read the vision you understand what it is saying and you start running. Amen.

There is a clear trumpet that God is bringing now and that is to say that we must move forward. We must move beyond the pentecostal experience. Amen. We must go beyond church business. We must go beyond church ceremony and we must be able to do it inward, because that is the offering that God requires of you. Amen. Say “amen” now.


Now, let me say something about offering. Amen. Offerings are very important. The Bible gives us five different types of offerings. The first offering is the sin offering and Jesus Christ was made our sin offering. Amen. Hallelujah. The Bible says …Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world (John 1:36). Because the principle says …without shedding of blood is no (can be no) remission for sins (Hebrews 9:22). Amen. There has to be blood for the sins to be remitted and Jesus came as a perfect sacrifice.

This is the trick and many of us don’t know the trick, if you want to survive you must lean all of the tricks in the book. I want to give you one. The Bible said that they took blood and touched a physical temple, physical wood and the wood became holy (Hebrews 9:13). Isn’t that so? Moses built the tabernacle and he sprinkled blood. When he did that, what happened? The temple became holy. Hallelujah. The Hebrews ask you a question: If the blood of bulls and of goats…  can make a physical block of wood to be holy, how much more…your mind? (Hebrews 9:13-14;). Do you get the trick? If you get that trick you have got to make a second post-it and plant it in your house saying:

Devil Bye Bye

You know you put the first one and you know you are the temple of God. The second post-it you put in your house is “Devil – BYE-BYE!” That is – the blood of Jesus can sanctify my mind. Do you understand?

So as you are walking along the road, you are applying the blood of Jesus to cleanse this temple. Hallelujah. That is power. That is power. You don’t believe it. THAT IS POWER and there is nothing the Devil can tell me to change my mind. I am holy by the blood of Jesus.

The Blood of Jesus

So when I wake up in the morning I say, “I apply the blood of Jesus to this temple.” Hallelujah.

Any time I remember I apply the blood.

One of my brothers said, “The blood of Jesus cannot finish, it cannot get exhausted.”


Apply it! Every day apply the blood! The more you apply the blood the more it is going… Hallelujah.

But many of us do not apply the blood of Jesus. We use philosophy. We argue with the Devil. The Devil does not understand the English language – he understands the blood, because the blood of Jesus is Light. How many people in this room have seen the blood of Jesus? Please, if you have seen the blood can you raise your hand? Have you seen the blood of Jesus physically with your eyes? But you believe it is there. Hallelujah. It is there.

The blood of Jesus is Spirit of Life. It is the Spirit of Light and it covers, it covers you. Hallelujah. The blood of Jesus gives Life. So if you don’t have life, all you have to do is to draw life from the blood of Jesus. In fact the Bible says that you must eat that blood. It says …Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you (John 6:53).

I know your problem. Your problem is that you are thinking, “How can I drink the blood of Jesus?”

That was a problem of James and John and the other brethren. They said, “How can this man give us of his blood to eat?”

I don’t have that problem. He says, “drink” and I am drinking. Hallelujah. You must partake of that blood. There is Life in that blood. That is the sin offering. You know the blood, you find it at the brazen altar. The first thing that you find there is the blood covenant. It is there upon your heart, upon your soul and that blood continues to work and to cleanse. The Bible says,walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another… (Isn’t that so? And the blood of Jesus does what?) …cleanseth us from all sin (1 John 1:7).  Even when you are sleeping; even when you are in sin; even when you are in error. Do you understand? Even when you are in error the blood is cleansing.

The Devil is telling you now, “I know the sin you committed yesterday.”

How is it his business? How is it the Devil’s business, the sin I committed yesterday? It is between my God and myself. All I need to do is to say to my children, “Do not sin, however…” …if any man (if you) sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous: (1 John 2:1). And the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us, not just cleanses, it makes you holy. It makes your mind holy; it makes your emotions holy; it makes your desires holy. That is because it is a temple, cleanse the temple with the blood. Hallelujah. You are the priest, apply it. When you see something that is no good, apply the blood of Jesus. If you fall into a trap apply the blood. That is why you are the priest, apply it in your heart. Hallelujah. You don’t need to look for or go to meet Brother So and So. In your room, whether you are a little child, whoever you are, apply the blood. Hallelujah. That is the sin offering.

The Bible says …he ever liveth to make intercession for them (us) (Hebrews 7:25). When Jesus said, …I ascend (go) unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God (John 16:10). Hallelujah. So He has gone to appear in the presence of God for us. We need to apply and appropriate and receive, apply to yourself, the benefit of the ministry of Jesus. It says …he ever liveth to make intercession for them (you). When you wake up in the morning claim all of the intercession that Jesus has prayed for you. Amen.

Say, “I receive all of the benefits of that ministry and I destroy all the works of the Devil.”

Amen. The Devil will run away from you, because you become a demon destroyer. We do not know how to use our weapons of victory, that is why we are defeated. We are not operating like priests. We operate like Hollywood stars. We have the mentality of Hollywood stars.

A priest brings offering, that is how you know a priest, he brings offering. How many people are priests in this room? God made you to be a priest. God constructed you so that every thought, every emotion, every desire, every manifestation of your will is an offering. That is the bad part, but you see potentially a good one. Hallelujah. The Devil is using you as a priest in his temple. I hope you know that. That is the work of the soul, serving in the temple of the Devil. There are two different cups in the temple.

Belshazzar said, “Bring me the cups,” and they brought him the cups and they began to use them in the temple of Dagon (Daniel 5:2-4;). But God is not bothered with that, because He knows that is the wrong use for the vessel that He has constructed. So He sent in a ministry to recover the lost vessels. Amen. I thought you would be shouting about this. God is sending a ministry to recover you.


Hallelujah. The Bible says that “wherever a tree falleth there it lieth” (Ecclesiastes 11:3b). Do you understand that? If you are a priest in the temple of the Devil, when you get to the temple of God you become a proper priest. That is that you will now express yourself and what is that expression? To bring pleasure to God. Hallelujah. So that every thought of your heart; every desire; every manifestation of your will; everything in your mind will be an offering to God. Hallelujah.

Worship is not when you think, 
worship is what you are.

Hallelujah. Worship is who you are, what you are. Hallelujah. You don’t worship, you are worship. Hallelujah.

So the people of God have been made not to see themselves for who they are. So the first offering is the sin offering for sin.

The second offering is what the Bible calls a trespass offering which has to do with relationships. Trespass offering was for relationships. If you trespass against your neighbor – you will do so and so and so. Amen. In the house of God there are lots of trespasses. Amen. Say “amen” now. Say “amen”.


In the house of God there are lots of trespasses, but in the Dubuque there is no trespass. It is a perfect orderly fellowship. Isn’t that so? In this fellowship there is perfect fellowship? In the Dubuque fellowship is perfect fellowship, there is no need for trespass offering. J Hallelujah.

Okay, if there is trespass offering, if there is trespass what do you do? You bring an offering for it. Hallelujah. Say “amen” now.


If your brother trespass against you what does the Bible say? “Go to your brother and make peace,” (Matthew 5:24). It didn’t say to go to your brother and tell him his faults. They are two different things. You are not going to your brother to tell him, “This is your faults,” you are going to win your brother. Hallelujah. So you are going to be redemptive. He who goes to make peace must not seek – must not seek apology. When you go there to make peace you are not going there to seek or to demand apology.

The Bible said that God was in Christ (Jesus), reconciling the world… (2 Corinthians 5:19). He didn’t come to say, “You must apologize to Me,” He came and He laid down Himself, He laid down His life and by that He won our love. Amen. The more spiritual should win the less spiritual. Hallelujah. The stronger must become the foot-mat for the weaker. Amen. That is a rule. In the home, the more spiritual person is the one that says, “I am sorry.” I didn’t hear any “amen”.


In the home it is the more spiritual person, not the one that is correct, but the one that is more spiritual that says, “I am sorry.”

That includes parents to children.

That includes parents to tell the children, to say, “I have failed in doing so and so and so.”

We need to tell the children that, “We have not been being priests.”

“We have not been prophets.”

“We have not acted as the King’s rulers at home.” 

That is how to win the children.

That is what God says I should say. “If you want to win your children you must apologize to them.”

That is the way to set them free, say, “I have failed, I am very sorry.”

Then you go your way, you have done your own. …when your obedience is fulfilled, …God will restore…the years…of the cankerworm…, (Refs: 2 Corinthians 10:6; Joel 2:25;). Hallelujah. I thought that I would hear an “amen”.


Hallelujah. That is part of the trespass offering. Hallelujah.

We have Life and there is something called the principle of laying on of hands, that is the principle of representation.

Obama stood up on January 20th. Isn’t that so.



“Barak (something, something) Obama.”

“Barak (something, something) Obama.”

“I do swear.”

“I do swear.”

“To be.”

“To be.”

“The President of America.”

“The President of America.”

“To uphold the Constitution.”

“To uphold the Constitution.”

The moment he finished he became a new individual. He became the United States of America. Anything he did the United States have done. Anything that he did it was the U.S. that have done it. Whether you like him or you don’t like him, you can only talk after four years. That is called the principle of representation; the principle of representation and the principle of transference of spirits and authority.

So there are authorities that God has put in the home, the parents are the authorities, the stamp for the home. In the church the leaders are also authorities. Also in our homes we are the authorities. If in your home you are born again you can stand for your family. It says …thou shalt be saved, and thy house (household)(Acts 16:31). It is the principle of representation. Hallelujah.

So you can stand and you can say, “Lord, I am standing for the sin of my family and I ask you God to forgive.”

You can also stand for your country, “I stand for the United States of America and I speak these words.”

Because as a priest God will recognize your words. There are certain things that I cannot do, but only you can do, because God respects you as a priest standing for the people of the land. Hallelujah. That is a principle of authority.

If you have children that are wayward, no problem. They will be wayward because you have allowed it.

If you stand and you say, “None of these children shall be lost to the Devil.”

They cannot be lost to the Devil, because you have authority. The words that you speak, …they are spirit and they are life (John 6:63). So you tell your children that they must have God, either by choice or by force. The words that I have spoken must follow you and those words will speak and minister to you. Wherever you go, the words, as you pray for them, those words will be ministering to them. Those words are principles of spiritual warfare. Why do you think you stand and you pray?

You say, “I rebuke you Devil.”

“Who are you?”

“Who are you?”

You stand because you are representing Christ.

When you say, “In the name of Christ” that means that you are praying in the nature of Christ.

Because you are submitting to Christ, then God will begin to work with your words.

Hallelujah. So you can rebuke the spirits in the name of Jesus and they will believe. So also you can stand for your children, for your country. That is why God put you here. We are too apologetic in some measures.

You need to stand and say, “This and this will not happen.”

Back in Nigeria there are some situations that we stand and we say, “This man will not be president of this country and there is no negotiation. He will not be by our word.”

Say “amen” now.


“By our word, by the decree of the watchers, such and such a man will not come to such and such an office.”

Because if he comes it will affect the gospel of Christ. We are not Democrats, we are not Republicans, we are sons of God. We have ruled and because we have ruled, it must be so. That is spiritual authority. You use it in your home. You use it in your country. You use it in your state. You use it in your community, even where you work.

You need to stand up and say, “This and this policy will not be, because it will not serve righteousness.”

There are some men that come there that you pray them out of office. They get transferred and thrown out. Hallelujah. No “amen”.


Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Spiritual authority, that is why you are here. The church must arise brethren. It took only one man to chase the Devil. Do you know that man? Jesus Christ, one man. One man. Hallelujah. How many of us are here? We can determine what happens in this country. No “amen”.


Is that true?


Can we determine what happens in this country?


You are not quite convinced. Hallelujah. That is part of the trespass offering, “standing in the gap” and representing your people (Ezekiel 22:30). Hallelujah. The scripture says that “the children of the believing woman are sanctified” (1 Corinthians 7:14). Do you understand? The husband is not believing and the wife is a believer. Because of her stand her children are holy. God is giving you the key.

We are complaining, our back is on the wall. This is happening because we have refused to use the instruments of warfare that God has given to us. We were saying yesterday that God said that, we must go on the defensive and God is saying, “Stop running.” Hallelujah. Say “amen” now.







He told Moses, “What is it in your hands,” (Exodus 4:2). Stop complaining. What do you have in your hand? Stretch it out. Hallelujah. When the man stretched it out the sea divided. Hallelujah. The sea divided and they passed on dry ground (Exodus 14:16). Our children will pass on dry ground; (Hallelujah.) Our families will pass on dry ground; (Hallelujah.) IF we will stand as priests. Hallelujah.

We WILL stand as priests. We will say, “This will not happen. This will not happen by our authority.”

Hallelujah. It says, …if two of you shall agree on earth as  touching any thing that they shall ask…, …whatsoerver thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven, (Refs. (Matthew 18:19; 16:19;). We have authority, but we are not using it. Hallelujah. We need to rise up brethren and begin to stand and bring Life. Hallelujah.

Now it is true, darkness is going to come, but it is also true that the church will also arise at the same time. That is what the Bible says. (great) darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee… (Isaiah 60:2). Hallelujah. It is at midnight that the SON will be manifested. It was at midnight in Egypt that He brought His son out. Hallelujah.

So, yes, America is getting darker. I look around and I see that the pumpkins came. I see devil worship all over the place. Hallelujah. Devil worship all over I see. Somebody needs to stand and begin to rebuke. Do you know that you can pray and God can close all of those smoking houses? You can pray and God can close them down. We have done it before.

We said, “God this restaurant must close,” and when we pass we curse it to die. “This business must close, because it is encouraging wickedness.”

Hallelujah. Jesus said of this tree, “No man shall eat of this tree as of today,” and He went on (Matthew 21:20). By the time He came back it was dry from the roots. Hallelujah. That is authority and we have so much authority in this room. You know the scriptures, you know everything, but at the time of war you sheath your weapon and you are complaining. You are complaining.

“Who will do it?”

God says, “What is it in your heart?”

Hallelujah. Do you hear the sound of the trumpet? LOUD AND CLEAR! Hallelujah. Stretch it out and the sea will dry up. Hallelujah. What was impossible will become possible. Do you know that God can reverse all the laws that have been made that are oppressing you? Do you know it is possible? Hallelujah. It is possible.

God can create the situations. It was situations that were created, that Satan has created those situations, they use signal cases. The abortion case, that young lady, that was the first abortion case that they used that got the Supreme Court judgment. Just one case and it opened the door. They used the creation one. Isn’t that so. The trial, there was just one case and they tried it and it opened the door. You need to find another case, use it and close the door. Hallelujah. It takes a people who are determined to break down the power of the Devil. God is not going to do it until He is sure you are determined. Hallelujah. Amen.

Okay, so that is the trespass offering and it is the people, that is our life.


Now the next offering is the burnt offering. The burnt offering. So we have the sin offering, two is the trespass offering, third is the burnt offering. Four is the meat offering or the fellowship offering. Five is the most important, the peace offering.

You have the sin offering, the trespass offering, the third one is the burnt offering. The fourth one is the meat or the fellowship offering. Then the last one, the most important is the peace offering. Hallelujah.

The burnt offering is a consecration offering. We are/they bring the animal and everything is burnt. They wash with water and everything is burnt. Usually the priest that offers the burnt offering, the fire doesn’t go down, that is it burns all through the night. It is burnt all through the night. Hallelujah. The night speaks of the spiritual warfare; it speaks of the resistance; it speaks of the difficulties; it speaks of the flesh, the carnality and all that it represents. God says that your offering must be offered all through the night. Even when it is difficult God expects you to bring your offering.

So Paul says, I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present (offer) your bodies a living sacrifice… (Romans 12:1). Who is the sacrifice? Who? We are the offering. Man is the sacrifice. I am not taking the place of Christ, but I am in the nature of Christ. Hallelujah. So I give myself as an offering. Hallelujah. So what does the scripture say? That they not only give of their money, but they first of all offer themselves to the Lord. Hallelujah. So you give God everything. But before you do that you give God first your heart. Hallelujah. So you give God all.

In the New Testament you give God everything.

You don’t pay God off and say, “God this is Your tithes. I have given You what belongs to You. The rest is for family holiday in Tunisia.”

What you are saying is, “God You get 10%, here is Your 10%. It is okay for You. Now the rest is for me to enjoy as I wish.”

That is slave mentality. Did you hear that? It is slave mentality. Hallelujah. It is the mentality of rebellion. Hallelujah. Because the Bible says, For ye (you) are bought with a price:…(1 Corinthians 6:20). If you are bought with a price, everything that you own belongs to the person who bought you. The Bible says that there is nothing you have that you did not receive. Isn’t that so?

You say, “I work hard for you with my sweat.”

Hallelujah. Who gave you the strength to work hard for it? Who gave you the health to work hard for it? Hallelujah. The Bible says, …freely ye have received, freely give (Matthew 10:8). So God expects you to give all. All that you have belongs to God. That is the whole burnt offering. The skin and the inward parts, both the clean one and the unclean one, they wash it with water and will give to God.

So David said, “There is nothing in my heart that You don’t know of. If I go to hell You will make Your bed there. If I go to heaven it is Your throne. Where can I go from you?” (Psalm 139:7-8;). Hallelujah. There are some young people who are running away from God. They say they want to have a good time in Hollywood. I have news for you – when you get to Hollywood someone will touch you at the back and say, “Hello.” You turn and it is God in Hollywood. Hallelujah. God will meet you, where you think God will not be, that is the place God will save you from. Hallelujah. The Bible says, Moses said, He told Pharaoh, “we shall not leave even one hoof for you,” (Exodus 10:26). Everything is going. I want to declare by the Word of the Lord that all the children that He has given to us, we are going with them.


You did say “amen”. All the children that He has given to us, they are going with us. Hallelujah. We will not offer our children to Moloch. Hallelujah. We will not, they are going with us. Amen. Hallelujah.

That is the offering. That is …me and my house…. Your house means your soul: your emotions and all those things; that is one dimension. It also includes your children. Hallelujah. …As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD (Joshua 24:15). We are going 100%. Hallelujah. That is the offering.

When Job prayed, he made that offering for the children, isn’t that so? Daily, daily he will bring an offering. He said, “Lord, this is the offering for my children, peradventure they have sinned. I bring them also,” (Job 1:5). So whatever the children were doing, it was a waste of time because somebody was praying for them. Someone was making an offering every day and God looked at the offering and saved the children. Hallelujah. Amen.

So we must stand by faith and make the offering. Hallelujah. So it is an offering of consecration. It is an offering of all that we have and of all that we are. It even includes our resources: resources in terms of our mind; our abilities; our gifts. Hallelujah. Some people will have more gift in one area than in another. Use it for the body. Hallelujah. Not everybody can preach, some can do other things – USE IT FOR THE GOSPEL. If you know how to speak French then your French should be used for the gospel. If you can speak Spanish, use it for the gospel. If you can play music, use it for the gospel. If you can speak, use it for the gospel. That is consecration, ALL.

It includes the children. The children have a role in the fellowship. They can be Life giving spirits. Hallelujah. The children, as small as they are, they know more of the Word than you. So if you think your children don’t…only in America it is different because they teach them “sex education”. They know more than you. Say “amen” now.


So you must teach them. The devil that wars the children, that attacks the children is the same devil that attacks the old people. So we must bring the Word of God to them. Hallelujah. They must be part of what we are doing. It is part of the offering. So when we go we bring our children – we are giving You ALL and because we believe that the children must also be saved. Hallelujah.

Now, the fourth offering is the fellowship offering. It is presented by what you call the meal offering. Both the meal and the meat offering are the same thing. They all speak of fellowship. How do you make the meal? You make it from grain. Isn’t that so? You bring the grain and you grind it together. You grind it together. Those who cook know that it is very difficult to grind. Isn’t that so? That is why it is the fellowship. God brings different brethren from different places, different backgrounds, different understandings, different temperaments, different characters. Hallelujah.

Some are from Arizona, some are from Wisconsin, some are from wherever. God brings them to Dubuque and then He begins to grind. Hallelujah. Sometimes some refuse to be ground.

They say, “No, I don’t want to be ground.”

Do you know what women do when they are grinding? When they are grind, grind, grind, grind and they are getting tired, they pick out all the ones that have refused to be ground and only the ones that have been ground remain. Hallelujah. Say “amen” now.


That is fellowship. Amen. When you are rubbing against one another it is not very easy, it is painful. Hallelujah. But that is our salvation. Your life depends on your brethren. I couldn’t be here without my brethren. I have been away from home since October. I have to pay my children’s fees.

It is the brethren, I said, “Can you help me do this and that?”

If they were not there I wouldn’t be here. Do you understand? My life depends on them.

Now some of the brethren, you may not like their face, the way they talk, the way they wave their hands, the way they shout. I know one that shouts very well. Do you know him? Okay, I won’t go there. I know one that shouts very, very well. You may not like his face but he is your brother. You can choose your friends, but you cannot choose your brothers.

You can choose your friend, “This is going to be my friend.”

But I tell you what, all the people that I chose to be my friends – ended up not to be friends. ALL that I loved with my whole heart, they didn’t love me back. I was hurt. How can I love these people and they don’t love me?

God said, “You are emotional.”

In the house of God there is no emotion. Hallelujah. Say “amen”.


In the house of God there is no place for emotions.

“I love this brother.”

“I love that.”

There is no place for that. God will give you brethren that you need. There may be people that you don’t like their face, you don’t like the way they behave, but God says that they are your brothers. They watch over your back. Hallelujah. They watch over your back and those are the ones that we should submit to. Hallelujah.

It is called fellowship offering, God will grind you together. When God finishes with that He puts oil on the ground wheat. What does oil do to the wheat? The sisters, you know what it is. Oil does one thing – binds it together. Hallelujah. We are bound by one Spirit brethren.

It is so easy. When someone is not walking in the Spirit you know. It is so easy. You can discern it from a mile. Hallelujah. When there is a wrong attitude you discern it from a mile. Hallelujah. But when you discern it, what do you do? You pray for your brother. Amen. When God says you bring correction, you bring correction in love, knowing that you also might be in that condition tomorrow. So you are redemptive. You don’t bring the correction to destroy, rather you bring it to build up, but correction you must bring.

Every word must be judged, every dream must be judged, every prophesy must be judged by the Word of God and that is where there is safety. Hallelujah. So this is fellowship offering and you can’t run away from your brethren. Hallelujah. If you want to, run, if God loves you He will bring you back. But if God doesn’t love you what will happen? If God loves you He brings you back. If you are too rebellious and you overpower God then you go your own way. Hallelujah.

So there is no place for independence. Hallelujah. It is not a one-man thing, this is a business we already know that God is not building one-man, He is building a body, a many-membered body without any special characteristics. The only characteristics are those of Christ. Hallelujah. That is what the oil does, the oil ministers.

So the Spirit of God is in you and in me, Christ is also here personally even now. Hallelujah. So wherever the body gathers Christ is there physically. So if the Head is here, do you need another head? If Christ is present whenever the church gathers, do you need a Pastor? Do you need a Chief Elder? Hallelujah. Do you need leaders? Yes, but the leaders must be led by the Leader. If not they are out of order, they are of no use. But you know it is so easy for the eldership to become a social club, a status symbol.

“I am now an elder.” J

Hallelujah. I have seen it. Hallelujah. It can easily become that, a status symbol. So the leadership, the eldership must first be led by the Lord – then they can be examples for the younger ones. For there are some who have not yet recognized the voice of the Lord. They don’t yet know the way God speaks, so they need those who are matured in hearing God and obeying God so that they can look upon them as role models.

So nobody can tell you that you don’t need eldership in the church – we need it. But that leadership MUST first of all be submitted, be under the authority (of Christ). The Bible says, For I am a man under authority… then I can exercise authority (Matthew 8:9). Amen. So the authority of Christ is not delegated, it is transmitted. Hallelujah.

So Christ is here physically. He is the Head of the house. Whenever the house gathers He is there. Hallelujah. So if He is there then we all are submitted to Christ.

So Christ is here physically, Christ is in the body and then there is the Christ the Man. Hallelujah. So those are the three dimensions of Christ. Christ in you, the Christ in you is now yet still being formed, so you cannot worship the Christ in you. Amen. So we have swept through that one, isn’t that so? So you cannot worship the Christ in your brother because that Christ is not yet formed, it is not matured. Hallelujah. But in the body there is the Christ. The Spirit of Christ is whenever we gather. Hallelujah.

Then there is Christ the Man, Jesus Christ the Man, personal. Hallelujah. There are some who are saying that Christ is not coming in the flesh – it is not true. Wherever the body gathers – He will be there. Hallelujah. So Christ is personal about His church and He is there all the time shepherding, bringing unto Himself, working in the midst of the body. Hallelujah. That is the fellowship offering.

We all must be relating with Christ, the individual personal Christ. We must have fellowship with the Lord. As we fellowship with Him when we come together we bring what He has given to us to minister and to share one with another. It is not to say that everybody must preach. We all can preach. It says, “Are all preachers, are all teachers and so on,” (1 Corinthians 12:29-30;). But we all can minister the Christ that we have. Hallelujah. We can minister and share the experience that we have. Hallelujah.

Do you know that you speak and your voice is not heard? The heart speaks more than what the mouth speaks. Hallelujah. You don’t know that? Say “amen” now.


Hallelujah. If you are sensitive you will know when somebody is speaking. That is how Jesus discerns the thoughts of the people. Hallelujah. So when you come, when you gather, if you are sensitive you will hear the cry of the heart of the people. So the leadership can feel what the people are going through because you can hear the cry and you can hear the voice. Amen.

This is basic. Hallelujah. If you are sensitive you will know when your brother is hurting because you can hear, you can feel. Hallelujah. We should be able to feel one another. Hallelujah. If your brother comes to fellowship and is withdrawn, you should be able to know. You know he is not there, he is physically there, but he is not there. These are dimensions of fellowship that the church must begin to get into. Hallelujah. You know, we come together, we know who has a word. You don’t need to struggle because you can feel the burden in the man’s heart. Say “amen” now.


Hallelujah. When you come together you know who has the word, because you can feel the burden. The word speaks, the burden speaks. So nobody needs to come and to fight for it, because it is clear who has the anointing. Amen. Hallelujah.

There is no need to draw a roster. Supposing the anointing is only on one man for one year?

“Well we will have to do something more aggressive here you see, so we should also let other people speak.”

What is that called? The rebellion of man. So this church must be growing beyond that. So if all the brethren are giving themselves to God and praying for one another, by the time you gather together, even before you gather together you will know who has the word. Those who are ministering sons, you know the way to go. That is the perfection. That is the church that God is bringing us to, where we are functioning by a perfect order – the order of the Spirit. Hallelujah. We will know the word to come, we will know the word that is not.

Even if a man comes and it is not the word of the Lord, you will know. No one will tell you, “this is…” But when he starts sharing, you will know. You will say this is not what God has said, because you have a witness in you that that this is not the Word of God. Hallelujah.

So these are things that have come in and destroyed fellowships, because we were not spiritually awake; we were not a Light; we were not spiritually sensitive. Hallelujah.

If a man comes here with a wrong spirit and begins to say all the right things, those who are matured will be able to feel the wrong spirit. Isn’t that so? If they feel the wrong spirit what will they do?

They say, “Brother, the Lord has not sent you. We love you, but by the Word of the Lord the Lord has not sent you. You need to be prayed for.”

You pray for him and you set him in his place. You have delivered his soul.

But what has happened, that is a follow-up to what Brother Burt was saying, is that: Because we have lost our sensitivity, a man comes and every wind of doctrine. We follow every wind of doctrine.

Someone comes and says, “This is a new anointing.”

We will follow.

Another one comes and says, “This is a new doctrine.”

We will go.

It is because we are still children. We have not come to that place of maturity. When we come to the place of maturity we will know the voice of the Lord. Hallelujah. We will know the ministry that He has sent amongst us. So you will know, you will have the maturity to discern between the precious and the vile (Jeremiah 15:19). You will choose the good and reject the evil (Isaiah 7:15). Even in doing that you will do it in a redemptive manner. Hallelujah.

Now this is where we need to excel because there are many voices that the Lord has not sent. Like Samuel we anoint whom the Lord has not anointed. Hallelujah. What has happened is that we anoint such ministries and they begin to bring wild gods. They begin to bring stale bread and that has hurt and destroyed many, because we have not walked in a place of maturity. Hallelujah.

Now there is no emotion to it, the Word of the Lord is the Word of the Lord. If my best friend brings a word that is not of God, what will I do?

I will say to him, “Best friend, this word is not from God.”

Hallelujah. Amen. You say it in love, but we need to do that. Now if that happens and we begin to play around, many will be destroyed thereby, you know. So this is the area where the church needs to excel. It is part of the fellowship offering.

The last one, I don’t know if I can finish it, let me just mention the peace offering, the last one, so we will have time to talk about it. Amen. But the peace offering is the most important. It is the offering of the inward parts. It is not a sin offering. It is a part of the fellowship offering, but it is an offering where you bring the fat and you offer the fat to God. Hallelujah.

The fat speaks of the treasure of your life. This is an area that brethren do not want you to go to, because this one has to do with personality. It has to do with family ties. It has to do with the things that are sensitive. Besetting sins, weights, these are the areas that bothers with the peace offering, the fat. So you must bring the fat and burn it before the Lord. Hallelujah.

The fat speaks of strength. In the body that is where you store energy, isn’t it. You burn the glucose and when you don’t use it you convert it. It is in that dimension of offering and God told Abraham, “You must give me your son.” That was a peace offering. “Thine only son, the one that I have given to you.” It took him twenty five years to get the son and when he got the son God said, “Okay, bring that son and offer it to me.”

It is an area where many have failed, because it deals with gifts, it deals with callings, it deals with anointing, it deals with – you know.  

This is the big time and God says, “Give me your heart.” He said, “Abraham, that son, give it to me.”

For Israel it was a stumbling block, the issue of idolatry. The idols in our lives, God says you must bring it and offer it to me.

Now when Abraham gave it to God then God said, …Now I know… (Genesis 22:12). Hallelujah. It is a final test, you know and many come to this point and they turn back.

They say, “The demand is too much.”

“I am willing to follow God, but this one I am not willing to offer.”

“This is my very soul. If I offer this one I am going to be dead.”

“I will be useless.”

“I will lose my personality.”

Hallelujah. But that is actually what God wants, for you to lose your personality. Hallelujah.

I read a story of a Cambridge graduate First Class.

God said, “You are not going to use your degree. You go to the bush and you become a missionary.”

“Who was this?”

A Cambridge Graduate First Class in Cambridge. God said, “You are going to the bush to be a missionary. You are not going to use your degree.”

Hallelujah. So it bothers different things for different people, but this is the place that God is bringing us to. It might be something that you love so much. It might be your job. It might be a past-time, but whatever it is God knows, you know.

God is saying, “My son, that is what I want.”

Lay it on the altar. It might be money, it might be comfort. You know, some of us cannot do without comfort, or security. You know, we must have money, we must have so and so. To some people it is their children, or their husbands, or their wives, or jobs and God says:

“You must give it.”

Of course there are other dimensions of it that we may talk about tomorrow, but the peace offering is the highest offering. It is both something that has to do with consecration. It is an offering of thanksgiving. It is something that we give to God that pleases God. It is a place to walk in.

I learned there was a missionary that came to Nigeria that died. The Doctor became a missionary. We met someone that was telling us that she is now eighty-something and she is not married. She did not have any children. She was a missionary in the bush and she has so many children now. Hallelujah. They call her “Grandma Ruth”. Hallelujah. She gave all her life, her youth was given.

Not just missionary work, there were other areas, other things that God is requiring. God is saying, “Look, I am asking you to give me this offering.”

So we must be a people that bring offerings to God. We should not give God anything that is not an offering. It says, “I will not give God anything that will not cost me,” (Refs: 1 Chronicles 21:24; 2 Samuel 24:24;). If there is no cost to you it is of no value. If you give God something that doesn’t cost you then it is of no value, God will not take it.

It says, “How do you bring to me the things that are hurt, that are lame? You bring the offerings that are sick and you bring it to Me,” (Leviticus 22:20-22;).

God said, “I am not going to take it.” God said, “I want the best.”

He said, “Bring the ram first-year without spot. No scurvy, you will examine it, there is no blemish on it,” (Exodus 12:5).

So what we are giving to God must be the best. Hallelujah. NOT when we go to spend our life elsewhere, then when there is just a little remaining, you say, “God I am now offering you myself.”

God said, “I wanted you at the prime of your ability.” Hallelujah. “The best that you have,” God said, “bring it and give it to Me.”

So I think we will stop at this point, but I think God is calling us to A NEW WALK, A NEW CONSECRATION, A NEW ANOINTING. It is a place where the anointing, the offering, the anointing is going to come. The anointing comes from the oil and that is where we have come to. There is an anointing coming upon the body, but you see the anointing is on the Head, not on the body.

I don’t know if you get the secret? God is not anointing the body, He is anointing the Head. So first we are dry because we are not connected to the Head. If you connect to the Head it says “How lovely it was like the anointing upon the head of Aaron,” It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; (Psalm 133:2). Hallelujah. If you don’t have anointing, if you feel dry, it is because you are alone. If you submit to the Head the anointing will flow. You will always be anointed, you will never be dry, if you are submitted. Hallelujah. If you are alone, God cannot anoint you, the anointing is not on the body, it is on the Head. It is the Head that identifies the body. Hallelujah. The body can never identify the head, it is the Head that identifies the body. Hallelujah.

So if you want to be anything in God you must be under Christ

If you are under Christ you will always have Life.

He says, “I am the tree, ye are the branches, and my Father is the husbandman, (John 15:51). That is the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is Christ. The order is that the Life comes from the Tree and goes to the branches. The branch doesn’t have to struggle for Life. If you are struggling for Life, watch it. Hallelujah. Maybe you are cut off. If you are part of the Tree it is the responsibility of the Head to feed the body. Don’t you understand? Do you eat with your stomach? Do you know any man that eats with his stomach? You eat with your head and then the food goes down and nourishes the body.

We are dry because we are not in the body. If we are in the body we will have Life and you don’t have to struggle for it, Life will always come to you. It says, “Look at the birds of the field. Do they plant? Does the bird have a plant, that has a garden?” (Matthew 6:26).

“This is Peacock Farm to feed all the peacocks.” They have their own farm.

“They neither sow… because God feeds them.”

Hallelujah. It is the responsibility of God to give Life to you. But to receive Life from God you must first of all be submitted to Christ. Hallelujah. It is the responsibility of the Spirit to bring Life. It says, “Out of the belly of him that believeth will flow rivers of living water,” (John 7:38). It says, But this spake he of the Spirit, which they that believe on him should receive:…(John 7:39). 

So if you are not receiving Life then there is a problem, you are not under the Head, you are not submitting to Christ.

The Bible says, For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God, (Romans 8:14). The sons of God are rising, are rising on the earth. Hallelujah. This is the time for the sons to be manifested. The sons will be manifested at midnight. When it is difficult to pray that is when the sons will start praying. When it is difficult to worship God that is when the sons of God will worship God. Hallelujah. When it is so hard, that is when the sons of God will be arising on the earth.

I want to tell you: the sons of God are breaking forth NOW. Hallelujah. They are breaking through. They are breaking through. Hallelujah. You can be part of that group. Hallelujah. There is a breaking forth. The prophesies that have gone before, now is the time for the manifestation.

So how is it that you have spent forty years and when it is time you are weak? Hallelujah. It says, …for the children are come to the birth, and there is not strength to bring forth (Isaiah 37:3). But God will give us strength. Hallelujah. That strength is in the Spirit to be restored to Christ to come to the place of anointing.

Do you realize that YOU are the temple? Do you realize that you must submit to Christ? It is the responsibility of God to nourish you. You are the bride. He will take of the things of man, He will show it to you. He will bring ministry to you. It says, “You have an anointing in you that teacheth you of ALL things,” (1 John 2:27). You don’t need that any should teach you, you have an anointing.

“IN YOU,” I said, “that anointing teaches you of ALL things.” 

Hallelujah. There is no need to complain. What we need to do is to repent. Hallelujah. Let us repent and come back and do the first works. Get back into Christ and we will begin to receive Life, we will begin to enjoy Life. The Bible says, …The Spirit is life because of righteousness, (Romans 8:10). The Spirit is receiving and enjoying Life because of righteousness. Praise the Lord. Amen.

I just feel to stop here and I believe that the Lord will bless the ministry that has come.


Father, we just bless You for the ministry of Your Spirit. We thank You for the outpouring of Your Spirit. You say that You will pour water upon the dry ground (Isaiah 44:3). We thank You for the refreshing of Your Spirit. We bless You for it O Lord. Hallelujah.

Thank You for the Word You have given and the rain that You have sent to water it. We pray it will bring forth a hundred-fold. We pray that our hearts will be in the right condition to bring forth fruit. We pray that You will grant us understanding and that You make us …doers of the word, and not hearers only…(James 1:22).In the name of Jesus. Amen.