By Chijioke Nwauche

(July 4, 2011, Mahomet, IL, USA)

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Father, we bless You. We receive of Your blood. We receive of the healing, the atonement, the forgiveness, the cleansing that comes by the blood. Father, open our hearts to receive this blood into the foundations of our being, of our gatherings and coming together. You say that we should take of Your body and eat. Lord, we come today to receive one another. We receive one another with fear and trembling. Lord, we stand to make a fresh commitment to have and to hold, to receive one another with forbearance, with patience.

It says that “He that repeateth a matter doth not seek love,” (Proverbs 17:9).

Lord, we come to cover for it says, “Love covers a multitude…” (1 Peter 4:8). Lord, we receive the Life and the vitality that you are bringing to us.

I just want us to sing that song:

Cover Me & Flow through me
Let the life-blood of Your body flow through us

Brethren, let this be a new commitment as we reflect in our hearts, as we break bread, as we drink of His blood. The bread and the blood are tokens. The very blood of Jesus, the very body of Jesus: He says that He will nourish and He will cherish. It is the body of the Lord that He has purchased for Himself.

(Chorus) Cover Me, Cover Me
Stretch the corner of Thy mantle over me
For Thou art my Nearest Kinsman
Cover me, cover me, cover me

Flow through me, flow through me
Let the life-blood of Your body flow through me
For Thou art my Kinsman Redeemer
Flow through me, flow through me
Flow through me

After hearing that song I just hear the Lord speaking. There are many who are worried about the signs of the times. I just felt the Lord saying something about covering, because of the darkness of the times; the tribulations in the world. I think there is a Word of the Lord to us – that He is going to cover us in these times in the days to come. There will be covering from sickness, from disease. There will be coverings from the darts of the enemy. Hallelujah. Jesus. If you are afraid – you can rest under the shadow of His wings, for He is the El Shaddai, the double-breasted one. Hallelujah.

Scripture says in Romans Chapter 12:1: I Beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your (our) reasonable service.  As we break bread, bread is made from the wheat, individual grains of wheat that must be broken and ground into powder. It speaks of a mixing. In the process of making the flour, any grain that refuses to be crushed – you pick it and you throw it out.

It is very fearful in the body. This is not a time when anyone, or any ministry, or any vessel, even at the family level, any child, will go out of the covering. Because doing that will mean that the avenger of blood will have access. God says that a fellowship is a city of refuge. A fellowship in someone’s house is not a city of refuge. But the God ordained local assembly is the city of refuge and it is God’s responsibility to guard it, to keep it and to bring a covering over it. It is part of His body and we must relate with one another in that fear and sanctification: Not to break the body; Not to go out of the covering of the body.

The body should be our life. Our vision will be to sustain the body, because that is our salvation, our deliverance, our life. My progress is in the body. If God blesses one part of the body, He has blessed me. If one part of the body is diseased, then I am diseased. I am strong as much and to the extent that the body is strong.

In the Old Testament the body, or the offering was sanctified by blood. This body, His body He is also sanctifying and cleansing. He said He would nourish and cleanse by the blood. Those of us who are married, it is a reflection of the relationship and the care between Christ and His body. You see, it is His body and He takes it personal. He says that the times of ignorance, He is putting it aside. I think that there is a window of opportunity for recovery: a recovery of relationships, of ministry, of the purposes of God that He has entrusted into our hands.

Before we break bread there is a little thought. Something that a brother saw and he put it in the mail and he sent it to me. Brother Michael, he is from the Port Harcourt fellowship, he is somewhat anointed in the ministry and the gifts. God speaks to him and shows him things. When Brother Burt and Brother Martin were with us there were revelations from the Czech and from the US here. He also had a word, so it was a confirmation that they were to leave that morning, so we will be ahead, we will always be ahead of the enemy.

So he sent a word. He said that as he prayed for the meetings yesterday, that God showed him Bel in our midst. Sorry, Baal. We call it Bel, you call it Baal. He saw Bel in our midst. Bel is a god of sexuality. He is a god of materialism and the god of pleasures. I think it is something that he saw in our midst. It is not something that we are able to push it aside, but it is something that we have got to deal with. As Brother George was saying, as we go out it is something that we will have to take to our hearts.

Bel is recognized as the lord. He is the life-giver. He is worshipped as the sun god. He is worshipped as the giver of life, in the seasons of Spring, in the seasons of Summer he is worshipped as the sun rises.

I just came from England. Many people came from all over the world to the Stonehenge during the time of the Summer Solstice. But that is the natural. It is very much something that is manifesting within and it speaks of altars. In the house of the Lord there should not be Bel. But there has been Bel, there have been Bel. There are men you might not see bringing Bel into the house of the Lord, even within the holy place and the holiest of all it has happened historically. It has also happened spiritually in the sense that Bel has come in.

So God is speaking of altars in our hearts in different dimensions. These are things that we need to begin to turn our hearts unto, for those altars relate to nationality and today is special. Is it not? Fourth of July. We thank God for the United States. You have been such a blessing to us in Africa. I’m sure the Czech brethren already know and Sister Merlinda is blessed by you and by your ministry and it will continue to be so. Say “amen”.


Hallelujah. It continues, so we love you and we receive you ministry. Brethren, God is not interested in the United States. He is not interested in Nigeria either. He is interested in the body. Hallelujah.

So He is raising a body – He is not going to preserve the United States, or even Nigeria or anywhere else. These are some of the altars that God is pulling down. So we have to pull down those altars so that the altar of the Lord will be raised up in our hearts. The heart of man is the altar of the Lord and that is where the offerings must be brought. We must not allow other altars to be there.

One of the first things that Elijah did was to repair the altar (1 Kings 18:30). Brethren, there is a time to it, Brother Mark knows. Jesus was offered at the time of the morning sacrifice. Hallelujah. Jesus was offered at the time of the morning sacrifice. That was when He died. But between the morning sacrifice and the evening sacrifice many things have happened. It is a time of Bel.

During the time of Elijah, all through the morning they were jumping and shouting and running around, cutting themselves, making noise. Bel had a field day. Hallelujah. The Bible says that when the time of the evening sacrifice came Elijah came up (1 Kings 18:29). Brethren, I am telling you that the Elijah of God are coming. This is a time of Elijah. When Elijah came he said, “Repair the altar of God that has been broken down,” (1 Kings 18:30). So he is speaking of our hearts. He is speaking in our culture.

Brethren, dressing is very important. The clothes you wear, why do you think God spent one full chapter, Exodus Chapter 38, to talk about the clothes of the Levite, the clothes of Aaron? It was very detailed, what was the color, the tapestry, the flowers, it was so detailed. The priest must put on clothes that reflect his personality. If you look at me you will certainly know where I am from. Isn’t that so? The other day I was American, I was wearing your jeans and your t-shirt. I made you feel good.

“Oh this guy is dressing like one of us.”

But when you dress you manifest, you speak forth of your personality. So brethren, God will touch your clothes. It said, “These are the clothes that Aaron will wear for beauty and for glory that he may minister unto me in the priest’s office,” (Exodus 28:3). Every one of us, we are called to be priests. Then would you dress in a manner that would not bring forth or show forth the glory and the beauty of the Lord? The body you have was bought by Jesus, it is not yours.

The philosophy, the sexual revolution of the 50’s, that went up and it is now, it has come with several things. It was a French man that started trousers. He was a French man and he was a Satanist. He was the one that started the trouser revolution in the world. Go and check your encyclopedia, check your history. They have gone all over. They are pushing the limits every year. What they are doing is to turn the men to women and to turn the women into men.

In the old times when they worshipped the gods they dressed like the gods. They dressed like the gods they worshipped and that is Bel worship really. We are priests of the Lord, we must dress to reflect the glory of the Lord. We must dress to show forth that beauty of holiness. Men should be men. Women should be women. I would be such a wreck without my wife. Women are meant to be women in the house of God, you know. The Devil wants to turn the women into men in the dressing and also in the behaviors, in the functioning and it all goes with the clothes.

I’ll tell you something. When I was coming I had some rebellion in my heart. We Africans, we feel this black/white thing. It is real, we feel it.

I said, “Well, if I am coming I’m going to show them that I am confident in myself.”

So I was going to wear a t-shirt. I like the shirt.

But I said, “No, this doesn’t look appropriate. I should wear something that would look African so that when they look at me they say, ‘Yes. This is an accomplished African man.’”

So I put it back and I noticed that I was aggressive in my heart, in my nature, I found an aggressiveness. This is all true. In fact when I go through customs, the chap, I had a rough time with him. In fact I began to strive with him. Because actually he was trying to take undue advantage of me.

He thought, “This is an African, he might be a bomber, trying to blow up the plane.”

So I was reacting to that.

In the plane God said, “Well, you started it. You went and put on something so that they would identify you as an African.”

Right on the plane I said, “God I am sorry,” and I repented and regained my peace.

So brethren, don’t let anyone tell you it is not important. You know the things you wear, they transmit a spirit to you. As a Doctor, there is a spirit that goes with it. I know that, it is a personality and I don’t have the personality of a Doctor, because there is a pride that goes with it. So you choose, you want the pride, or you want the covering of Christ. So the professions you are in, the clothes you wear, all those things are things. So these are the things that, you know, when you watch a film, these will revenge. Okay. Somebody killed somebody’s mother at the end of the day and he went and he retaliated. What spirit is being transmitted? There is a spirit that has been transmitted.

When you watch a tennis match or whatever it is, it all has to do with the personality, it has to do with pride or not. I mean, you don’t do those things, but there are spirits that are being transmitted and that is the basis of what the Western Civilization has been built in.

The Romans go to the theater, there they have games. That is Neo-Roman and that is the fourth kingdom that it says will rule over. That base will rule over, it says it will change times and laws. It will be changing culture, it will be changing the way people relate, the way you live your life. You probably feel that if you don’t have a television in your house that you are not… That is it, that is not part of your life, that is not part of your routine. The whole thing is that they have modeled our lifestyle to bring worship to Bel, you know.

So God is saying that we need to look at all that and pull down those altars. The way we relate with one another in the church, at home and other, it is everywhere. So we have to be a people that will see it and reject it. It is not going to change us and make us, in fact what it will do is to make us to be priests. You know, people that bring offering unto the Lord in the things that we do, in the things we say, in our businesses, in our activities. Everything must be geared towards bringing offering to God.

How many of you wondered about the Jews? They have their Yarmulke (see below). Okay?

They have a business one and where ever they are they put it on and are very proud. They are convinced about what God has given to them. Now that speaks of a people that have character, but what kind of character do we have? What values do we have? And how much do we hold it? And how much do we pass it down to our children? Are we a people that are easily swayed that we don’t have any convictions?

You know, people can see you and say: “Yes, this is a man (or a woman) of conviction.”

In England the church has lost it, you know and the Muslims are everywhere, it is a Muslim country and you must not allow that to happen here. They have money, they are buying up everywhere. I wondered about it, Brother Burt spoke of it and I was praying about it and God gave me a Word. The English people, they rejected Israel because of oil money. In 1948 they turned against the people of God because of oil money and God is taking it personal. I wish and I pray that you will not do the same.

For oil money they turned against the people of God. Well we thank God that the U.S. is standing with Israel and that is why you are getting some blessings. We need to pray for the government, that God will put godly men there. You have the authority.

If you say, “Yes” it is “Yes!”

If you say, “No” it is “No!” and nothing will happen about it.

You have the authority and you have the power. You don’t need to go and converse anything, but you know. So these are all aspects of Bel worship. Bel is there on the family level, on the national level, everywhere, you can see it and God is calling us to be awake and alive, to speak, to throw down and then to build up also (Jeremiah 1:10). So let us agree as a people that we will not be servile.


Women should be women, dressed like women, behave like women. Hallelujah.

In our eldership the women are there. You know sometimes I used to be a hothead, Brother Pete knows. You know, men see things in straight lines, it is this way and that way and that way – but women, they see the corners, you know.

I remember dealing with someone that was going to get married in the fellowship and we were saying, “No traditional marriage.” We were pressing it and pressing it.

And one of the sisters said, “These brethren have actually tried. They have come a long way. They have been able to do this and they have been able to do that.”

I was only concerned about one particular aspect. I was saying, “If they don’t do that it means…” You know.

So when she said that, God began to speak to me. I could see the tenderness and it helped me to reduce my measurement and you know, the force with which I was coming at those brethren.

In the fellowship we need sisters. Sisters should not be men and the men should not be women. Hallelujah. Amen. Say “amen” now.


Hallelujah. An elder is the husband of one wife. The husband is one with his wife. So how will you solve the mystery? An elder is the husband of one wife. The elder is one with his wife. So how would you separate them? So you cannot be an elder without your wife, yet your wife is not an elder. Hallelujah. Say “amen”.


So in functioning the two function together. Amen. I’m telling you that without my wife I would be a wreck. I would wreck the house of God, but she is not an elder. When I am with Brother Burt talking, you wouldn’t know, she would be kicking me. When I want to go very fast she will be kicking me so that I will slow down. When I begin to rush she will just pinch me and I know I will have to slow down. That is truth. Amen. Hallelujah.

So we need everybody on board, because we are rising against the enemy and he will not shoot us. Hallelujah.

In Africa the women are strong. In Africa the women are strong.

I read the book by Brother Schnoebelen, Brother Burt brought a book to us. He said something. He said, “The AMORC that came to America, the Rosicrucian and their dilatory (idol worship) was manifested in the U.S. by the women rising up to be placed over the women. In the U.K. the women run the family, they own the family. They will give the rights to the women more than they will give them to the man. I don’t know if it is here? So the men are really put under and if you are watching television programs, they will run down the men. The advertising, it is calculated Satanism. So these are also two aspects of Bel worship that we find. The people of God, the godly women must be sensitive to know when to pull back and to know when to, you know. But you cannot throw the baby out with the bathwater. Is it not? Hallelujah. You cannot throw the baby away with the bathwater. You clean it sway that which is bad and then you keep that which is good. Amen.

So God is speaking about Bel. There are different forms of it. It came right down from Babylon and of course we know that the geographical mass divided. You could easily fit in Africa with South America, fit it in as one. So they are one people that divided, so the same cultures you find everywhere. Here Bel worship is subtle, it is symbolic. If you don’t look well you will not see it. But I am telling you Satanism is here and it is as alive as it is in Africa.

You know God showed me the English spirit one time wearing coattails. He had the hat with the coattails, so I say it was an aristocratic spirit and many of you came across the water. Your forefathers came across the water to come to this place. Hallelujah. So God will deal with things, as we go before Him He will begin to touch things and then open them up.

The human hair that the women wear that is sold in the market, they are dedicated. Human hair that you have as a wig, they are dedicated. I don’t know if anyone knows they are dedicated? Where they have the synthetic ones, fine. The sisters say that the human one is very expensive. Isn’t that so? It is very expensive, so it is something that you value it and you be very careful how you do with it. If you don’t have to wear it, then you don’t have to wear it. It may not be, but I do know that some of those things are dedicated as an offering. So they have gone into several things.

It is difficult for you to get into the shop and get the good clothes that don’t have a deep v-neck. It is difficult, you know, so everything is all down and it is going to go down further. They cut the sleeves off, it is sexuality, you know, there is sex involved. Hallelujah. It is flesh, you know. The body was not made for fornication, it was made for the Lord. Hallelujah.

Disembodied spirits need a body to manifest. If you give yourself to them they will manifest through you. They get life from you. The spirits need a body to express themselves, to get life – but my body is a temple of the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah. So it is worship. So when you yield yourself to a wrong spirit it will manifest. They don’t have a body, they need a body. Scripture, those spirits that were in the demoniac, it says: And all the devils besought him, saying, Send us into the swine, that we may enter into them (Mark 5:12). If they can’t get a human body they can suffice with pigs, but they needed a body. Hallelujah. That is why sometimes they do animal sacrifice, even in the musical festivals they do all those things.

So it is all sacrifice, blood and all that. Of course it goes with abortion and all those other things. They are all part of the Bel worship, you know. So sometimes you will have habitual abortions. Those are all aspects of Bel worship, dedication of children. If you make your children, if you dress them in a certain manner, they become worldly. You are offering them, you are dedicating them to the world. It is part of child sacrifice also.

So it is something that is very, very deep. So as you go before the Lord, don’t take it for granted. Some of us who have suffered things because we feel it doesn’t matter. IT MATTERS. Everything is important. So we don’t do it unless the Lord gives you a Word. Amen. So nobody is going to say to do this or to do that, but we have to be a spiritual people. Sometimes you go up to the shop and there are some things that the Spirit of God may not want you to buy. Don’t buy it. Amen. Because the money is blood, it is worship also. Isn’t that so? The money is from the Lord, it is from sweat and when you pay your money it is a form of offering. It is a form of offering, money is offering. Hallelujah. So don’t give your money to that which the Lord is not commanding, or when you do that you will be a partaker of other men’s iniquity, rebellion and sin. Hallelujah.

So we are going to break the bread. Just pray. Then we will share the bread and pray that the Lord will bring cleansing and healing to us.

Lord we bless You for how You have been so gracious to us, how You visited us. Lord we dedicate this bread and this wine as symbols of the breaking of the body and of the wine of Life. As we partake of it Lord, we are praying that You will bless our communion as brethren: that You would bless our assemblies; You will bless our gatherings; You will bless our homes; You will bless the children; bless the body. Hallelujah.

We bring the weakness in the body, we bring those who need Your touch and that we as a people would pray in one accord that You will heal the sick amongst us. In the name of Jesus. Lord, we ask that we abide under Your covering so that the enemy, the scourge of the enemy would not be able to break through unto us. That You will heal the hearts, heal the hurts, heal the offenses. Restore the brokenhearted, restore the bodies, restore the homes, restore our young people, restore. It’s time. Let the prodigal be restored back to the house of the Father. Let the ministries be restored. Let our ministries be able to bring forth for edification, for exhortation and for comfort. Restore unto us fathers in the house. Restore unto us mothers in the house. Let there be godly mothers, mothers in Israel. Let there be elders that are grave, sober, founded in the Word of Truth and Righteousness.

Lord grant us seeing eyes and the prophetic vessels. Restore. Cause their vision to be sharp. Let the vision not be dark. Let the day not be dark. Lord, open even the mysteries and the treasures of wickedness, let there be one even in the house of Ahab, or in the house of the kings or of the Gentiles revealing that which You are about to do. Lord that we would not be blind regarding that which You would say, even in this nation, even in the nations that we live in. Lord, that You would instruct us in the way to go and in the way to pray.

Lord, we just commit this unto You and we commit ourselves unto You that You will bless our communion: that we will partake of the figs; that we will partake of the wine, the new wine; that there will be healing amongst us.

Blessed be Your name Lord. In the name of Jesus.