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We are living in a period of time which the scriptures refer to as “Midnight” – a time spectrum of events in which both light and darkness will maximize simultaneously to fullness within the soul of man. As was the case in Egypt of old, so shall it also be in this time of midnight that God Almighty is NOW moving within the Ecclesia or the called out people of God to quicken the coming forth of the “Sons of God” out of the Egyptian bondage of sin, worldliness, carnality, whoredoms, murders, fornications, sorceries, iniquity, traditions, customs and cultures of darkness. The firstfruits or firstborn that break through this matrix or veils that cover and bind the soul (Mind, Emotion, Will and Desire) will be adopted and anointed unto the hallowed Melchisedec priesthood of the firstborn of God, even Christ.

The materials that are and will be posted on this website are therefore geared towards providing the power, energy and life (that is therein embedded in the trumpets, issuing forth life that now flows forth from Jehovah God at this end of time); to lift, quicken and save the soul of man from its free fall and descent into the bottomless blackness of darkness, unto the glorious heights and liberty of the overcomer sons of God in Zion.